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It was a tragic Christmas for one prince George's family after a man was shot and killed in front of his family on Christmas Eve It happened on saint barnabas road just after four 30 Friday afternoon 30 year old Danny Kelly junior was driving with his three children and a girlfriend They were on their way to a holiday dinner when a car pulled up next to Kelly's SUV and started shooting a police say they found Kelly unconscious in the driver's seat He died a short time later at a hospital No one else in the car was hurt Detectives are looking into whether this was a case of possible road rage In Baltimore a man is in the hospital and in custody after Christmas Day police involved shooting Police say they first got a call about a man who was going through a behavioral crisis they say at a home on Crawford avenue when officers got there they say the 59 year old man showed them a gun and then he started firing at them Officers returned fire wounding the man He was lost had to be in critical condition and none of the officers were hurt The shooting remains under investigation Turning to politics now What will Marilyn governor Larry Hogan do when he leaves office next year There's word he may be thinking of challenging democratic senator Chris van hollen Hogan has said he has no interest in becoming a U.S. senator but CNN reports he has been talking with Republicans who are urging him to enter the race several people who've heard van Holland speak about the race at recent democratic events in Maryland report they've heard him say he's running as if Hogan will challenge him CNN reports Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and Florida senator Rick Scott the chair of the national Republican senatorial committee have recently reached out to Hogan The last Republican to challenge van Holland in a Senate race in 2016 lost by 25 points in the deep blue state Christopher Cruise news In July Hogan told CBS said he had quote no interest whatsoever in running for the United States Senate adding that being one of a hundred senators means quote never getting anything done Do you know in politics you never know Will marijuana be fully legal in Maryland soon Democratic Maryland state delegate Luke clip and juror serves as chairman of a cannabis workshop that's been studying marijuana legalization A few days ago he pre filed a bill to put the issue on the Maryland ballot this coming year The bill seeks to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot It's been designated as House Bill one and will be introduced formally at the start of the new session on January 12th If the measure is approved it would put this question on the November ballot Do you favor the legalization of adult use cannabis in the state of Maryland If approved it would then be up to state lawmakers to work out the rules Sandy cosell news and heads up starting today masks have to go back on indoors in Howard county starting at 5 p.m. when you enter a business or facility open to the public in Howard county you'll have to mask up The decision to impose the indoor mask mandate came in consultation with local health and business leaders according to a statement from Howard county executive Calvin ball He cited the fact that Maryland's COVID-19 test positivity rate has jumped to nearly 13% as of Wednesday Howard county health officer doctor Mora rossman urged residents to get vaccinated get a booster shot wear a mask and stay home if feeling sick Montgomery Ann prince Georges counties have mask mandates in place and D.C. recently reimposed its regulation on masking Kate Ryan WTO P news Sports news ahead It's 5 14.

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