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A hard look in the mirror and ask themselves whether or not they played a role in this whether they created this toxic environment that resulted in a journalist getting hurt and the moment that a journalist gets hurt in the united states of america because of rhetoric coming from the president united states we have suddenly become something less than the united states we we're starting to join at that moment a different group of countries around the world where the press is not safe and i hope and i'd like to see the white house the president pay more attention to that yeah well i if i'm not mistaken it was just about a year ago that a bernie sanders volunteers showed up at a baseball i think members of congress are not said maybe it's because of the rhetoric of the democratic party i maybe it might have something to do with the media rhetoric about republicans maybe it's got something to do with you know the southern poverty law center demonizing congressman scalise jim is afraid that we're going to we're becoming a third world country because trump makes fun of the press and that's that's all he sees he sees the world through a straw how it affects him and he has no awareness if you asked him the name of the gunman at the baseball field a year ago he wouldn't be able to tell you he's the real victim here let's not lose sight of who the real victims and you're too dumb your elevator doesn't go to the top floor or wherever it's supposed to go and you don't have the mental acuity the awareness to be.

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