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Really funny. So. Yeah. Okay. So you're writing for rides magazine now. Yes. I mean, I'll fast forward this. Because we want to talk about cars, and this is cars where I'm working for rides. And like I was a kid grew up in New York. And I want to be a journalist. I wanted to be like a war reporter, I it's really weird that I got into cars and get your head blown off. And I I t to put that in without putting a somber note on this. But to to put a reason to that I was in journalism school on September eleventh, so growing up in New York that whole thing happened and all of like in journalism really had this crazy boom afterwards because it kind of really divided America in terms of the journalists who were like really trying to still tell a story versus just being like overly pro America. And like that like there was a huge argument was going on without getting into that. Like, it was just an interesting time to watch what was happening in in journalism. And instead I got into writing about splitters. That's instead where it went. But now, I really have topic. We're covering today. I got a I got into a got into the job, and I was twenty three or twenty four years old. And like I went in for the interview. And I thought they were going to offer me like an assistant editor position. And they were like you wanna be the senior editor of the magazine. Sure, I do. And they were like, this is your story. So Dennis page who was the publisher at the magazine like Dennis paytv was such an asshole. But God bless them. Like, I learned so much from them. So I walk in and like, I was working at massive hill for like nothing I had like a stipend that barely paid for me to get the red hook Brooklyn, which by the way, like red hook Brooklyn those before I ki- or anything. Wasn't super sketchy. And we were next to the methadone clinic like and anyway long story short. He says to me he says, well, what do you need? How much you need to make was like. I don't know I'll take like twenty eight thousand dollars, and he looks he goes. How would I give you thirty five and you don't come back for a year and ask for more money because I have no concept of what people were getting paid in that feel. I worked my ass off for that. And I lived in New York City for like no money like I was like working another job like pay for it. And like lived above a bar, which was has its upside. Yeah. For sure that you like spend half your rent, far, right? Yeah. But now, and it was a great opportunity, and it was actually like a kind of a ton of fun because it was that moment. I mean, you member Seema in that era. Yeah. When the wheel entire hall people were spending millions of dollars on boots rappers come out, and I became like really good friends with foxy Brown. Like, I would like foxy would like text me. And be like, hey, let's go get some talion food all up a Range Rover at my house, in queens, and a story and drive me too little, and it was like this really weird thing for me. Yeah. It was definitely I was I was out of like, you know, it was I would say to my comfort zone. But it was just something. I never. Thought you were the guy now the guy Whitecliffe let me drive his McLaren lady really kinda got Wycliffe had a McLaren f one that was an F one that wasn't. Fucking shit ya. And when I say when you say McLaren period, you mean, the F everything else you have to adjust. What you're talking say. Like, a Makah Fitna. Mclaren AFL, actually, so I don't I was only able to really I wasn't really able to drive it far because I can't get first gear to engage because my leg has. Probably forty forty. Second..

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