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Oh, uh All this talk about the lightning, not getting a goal from a defenseman. Now they have one root blast on the right point. It's three well lighting again. That's Dave, Michigan Lightning radio two goal from yon Ruda and right away. I hear Rodeo Rueda thinking on pipe it that seems like an easy knock out of the park home run there, and we completely missed it, Man. You missed that. I didn't miss it. I didn't want to mispronounce John wrote his name and be crushed for it after which is why that goal was not included. How do you think you would have pronounced it? I wrote a John Rueda. Now I know obviously the whole hockey roller Dex John Rouda, a little bit of a foreign player to make Desai Prinz that was being protecting myself. This The Lightning won the game forward to that series is now 11. The Arizona Diamondbacks lead seven Nothing last night but still haven't won on the road since April 2059 8 loss in San Francisco, extending their roads route 21 games, one shy of the longest ever. The Orioles right on their heels, losers of 17 consecutive road games now 72 in Cleveland last night, and I believe It's time to get stung. Yeah. It doesn't take much to surprise this bouncing baby boy. This is honestly the most stunned. I have ever been on the show to a news for the show is stunned to a news This site, a listener named D a sent this one into us, and it's like they are writing.

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