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In regards to that, can you tell us a little bit about mom and my mom was telephone. She is real tough on me. She the one that you know push me to be wearing right now. How so? Give me an example. What mom would do man. I go to a tournament and she say, I'm gonna get my ass kicked. Seating, give me no, no credit. No slag, no another. And so it was just like, are you gotta be number one in the world to give some credit for Meyer? The funny part was during the fight, Kirk. I don't know if you've got to see this part they there was a point where you know. In the corners, tweet around and mommy's horribly yelling at. Could you hear her when she was yelling and what was she saying? It's like it's over. Didn't knock him out. How would you re watch the fight you ever read, watch them all the time. What do you take back from that? Like how? How do they boxer sit back and watch it? You say I could've I should have did this or next time I'm gonna do this, like what are you break down when you re watch a fight? Well, when you we watch in the fire when I watch if I get in all those moments where you'd be like, man, I should've threatens punter I should have did this. I should have did that. But at the end of the day, you just learn from your mistakes. So nights go around, you know what they're doing. Each situation. Do you when you look back? Is there something that surprised you since since you've been doing it for so long? What's been the funniest thing that you've seen in watching take. Probably people's dumping arena. Let me ask you about kind of what's going on in the boxing world right now. Kinetico just sign his deal. I saw that Floyd Mayweather took a little jab at him. I don't know if you saw that on social media where he said, you know, I make that kind of money and one fight. You're going to have to fight ten fights to make that up. Do you think we'll ever see Floyd back in the ring and maybe against someone like Cannella we might see him back in arena with hubby. Oh, you believe that you think that's real man? We didn't think the McGregor was real happened, you know? And as. Boxing, or do you think he'll do boxing. They push them for her. So who knows? Right. You know, Floyd thought that money at him. He's only making two million dollars in octagon. I'm pretty sure you come over there and make a cool fifty million questions about Cannella though is like after triple, gee, I just don't know if he's got another opponent at that weight class that he can really fight because even his next opponent, look, I'm a boxing guy and I was like, I didn't know who you even was. So that to me is kind of the question we're Cannella, which is why maybe I think him and Floyd should get together. Another time he got. He got fighters out there that that he condensed with. She got the Charles brothers. He got Dimitrios Andrei. He got Danny Jacobs, Danny Jacobs a good one for sure. Got he got a couple of fires out there that did a Miranda for his money. How cool has it been the amount of reach now with some of your fights in terms of the ratings in terms of the people who are else seeing it ESPN picking fights to where now do you feel. More of a celebrity now than you when you first started. And I just feel me. I would try to be somebody that I'm not. I don't try to be this big star just. Walk like a regular person, but the social media is now because people would like before you see it now, but with the amount of reach now with so many, he will be able to watch. I'm just telling you stories of how you know when I'm in the airport in it's on TV because you're seeing ESPN that the amount of people who are now seeing you in finally getting the recognition. Is is gone bigger. I can assure you that, but you know, it comes with how winning, you know the more you win the more popular you're going to get into sport a boxing champ real quick. Before we let you go here at Staples.

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