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Fulton who had this message for teens. I want you to be educated. I want you to be strong. I want to be leaders and not follow us in Oakland. Carrie Hodousek KCBS the federal government says an intends to cancel nine hundred twenty nine million dollars in federal grant funding that you have to be paid for the California high speed rail project. In addition, the US department of transportation announced its actively exploring every legal option to get back. The two point five billion dollars in federal funds. Already granted for the project. The move comes. After governor Gavin Newsom said during a state of the state address that he was going to scale back the project to focus on a stretch from her said to Bakersfield, local jurisdictions have a limited sphere of influence when it comes to guns. The right to bear arms is protected by the second amendment of the constitution and the state law preempts local regulations. KCBS is Margie shave reports that San Jose is looking to strengthen the requirements of vendor permits for the sake of local gun safety. San Jose will consider local gun legislation requiring video and audio recording a firearm and amunition purchases the training of gun store. Staff inventory checks and point of purchase suicide prevention sign edge every gun that enters a community, even if it's through the black market at one point started with a retail sale. And so if we can do something at that point, we can have an impact at that is San Jose mayor Sam the Cardo who has surrounded by gun safety advocates this legislation takes aim at straw purchasers. That's when the actual buyer of a firearm uses another person to execute the paperwork needed to buy from a dealer pastor, Danny Sanchez says these guns and up with young gang members, mostly children shooting children. It have no access to guns. San Jose police chief Eddie Garcia whose officers have confiscated one hundred seventy guns over the past year. Endorses the. Legislation. The city council will consider the proposal in the coming weeks in San Jose Margie Schaefer, KCBS Alameda County sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in finding a seventy seven year old man who wanted away from his home yesterday you pay. Woo walked away from his home in San Lorenzo yesterday morning. Sheriff's officials are concerned that we're left with no cell phone. No wallet and temperatures dropping was five feet ten inches tall weighs sixty pounds and has black and gray hair. It was last seen wearing a long black jacket that goes Arbor's hips. A gray baseball cap, gray, Puma, sport pants and white running shoes whose family says he has memory problems and finds it hard to communicate. He speaks Cantonese probably says, he's likely in the San Leandro are San Lorenzo area you pay. Woo. If you've seen him call the Alameda sheriff's office coming up on KCBS general lane. San Francisco settles a lawsuit with a well known rental car agency over the fees. It used to charge for toll crossing. At twelve fifty. We bring you the sports line. Here's Bruce McGowan. Well, it was quite a day for twenty six-year-old major league star. Infielder. Many machado. Here's agreed to the second. Biggest contract in baseball history. Ten years and three hundred million with the San Diego Padres new Padre teammate. Wil Myers couldn't be more excited for a few pieces away. Obviously, you know, everybody hears about our number one system, and that's great. But you know to be able to add a proven star guy. That's this done stuff in the playoffs this year after year, it's exciting. And it's pretty cool to to see ownership to see the organization really going in direction to win one guy who's not happy, though is Chicago White Sox general manager Rick hana's team aggressively pursued Machado this off season. Trying and.

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