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Offense of tactic to throw the diop but no i mean you saw there were a lot of people worried after the combine but he did what he didn't college which was electrified breakup big runs you get used fantastically in the passing game and i think the offense gets better he's back he's the workhorse and i i don't believe this is projecting a new workload for him it's merely projecting health pretty comfy at number nine but when the question for cook is what what is the receiving game look like because last year in his three and a half games he had you know eleven receptions on sixteen targets in the first three games jerick mckinnon took ten targets jerry is not there latavius murray is the current back and let savings murray did not get targets in the in the minnesota's passing game so as down mccook all the sun soak up everything they had planned from kenan last year right not everything but it's it's certainly sounds like a bump up all right all right number ten shady you're still in the top ten number ten overall leshan mccoy last year he was his pretty darn good two hundred eighty seven carries eleven hundred thirty eight yards six touchdowns caught fifty nine passes for four hundred forty eight yards in two touchdowns on seventy seven targets into the years the rb seven we've got him at ten right now this is a product of liking other teams in situations and players more than what we like in buffalo no not for me.

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