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Well, you guys talked about it at the top of the segment feeding the public and looking to use that as a viable betting strategy. There will be no greater illustration of the sports books. Getting behind one team is what we're going to see in the get out game on Monday night books. Have already told me they're buried on Thursday for the Rams is road favorites. But there was resistance. This number got out as far as five before. There was a little bit of buyback in Oakland. And while Jon Gruden is going to be under a ton of pressure and scrutiny especially that defense knowing that they don't Khalil Mack for future considerations. With those two first round pick over a field goal. Feels like a bit of an overlay for the Rams, however when I look at this total twenty four and a half in the first half. I think defense could be the order of the day. The Rams may not be as electric early on. It could be a wait and see approach. I'd make a case for going under. But if this number were somehow to get to six, I think the only way you could look we'll be back in the raiders, you gotta run really quick your Thursday night. Apec then then a college game that really intrigues you this weekend. It not a game. I'm invested on full disclosure in the NFL. I took a little bit of Atlanta early on plus four and a half and actually took some Philly back this morning, plus one. So the eagles by field goal optimal result for me. If you're looking try and tangle here, I think this game starts a little bit slow so twenty two and a half the over under for the first half. I think the eagles come out with a defensive line a game plan not looking to make a big mistake. The falcons, I can't see them airing it out. So I think defense is going to be the order of the day, especially through the first thirty minutes, and as far as the college ranks a game in big ten country on Saturday, Fresno state, a very live underdog. I really believe the wrong team is favored in the twin cities. I'll look for jet. Jeff Tedford team to go on the road and pulling out right upset. I'll be at a mild one is two and a half point pups. Todd people who are unfamiliar with you on Carmen in your co where can everyone find you and your stuff online and Twitter and all that? Yeah. The single best home is going to be the best aboard podcast every Monday and Thursday throughout the NFL. All season. We'll break down all the games in greater detail. Unfortunately, like some podcasts out there. We're not just going to spoon feed. You winners. We're gonna make smarter as better so locking load there. And if you happen to find yourself as a college football fan, those podcast drop on Wednesday to myself pain, insider ESPN analyst, dusty check, giving you all the low down on some of the biggest games encourage folks to sign up on I tunes and a lot of your popular podcasts providers and follow the podcast Twitter account at bet. The board breaks it down like you. Todd. Thanks for your time. We preciado. Appreciate you guys. Having me. Todd Furman Waddle and Silvy. There you go you're set for the football weekend. We'll be back and talk about some of the games that we like and preview. Tonight's game between the eagles and falcons next. It's Waddle and Silvy on ESPN one thousand. Coming up tomorrow. It's carbon in your go in the week. It's a football Friday. That's right. We're talking about tonight's opener in Philly plus all over bears and Packers some predictions for the bear season. In the latest lines for the weekend, both college and pro with our man in Vegas top.

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