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Voice Roger here. Look at you. The skyscraper himself ready for another run at the NHA ten years, Ken straight, and this is the tenth one. Yeah. And most notably though about as close a set of heroin finishes as really any player on the contest scene. Yeah. Hopefully, get it done this year. Second twice. Second twice. I I don't think there's anybody else that can make that claim. No, I don't think. So there's been a lot of top ten multiple top ten finishes, but not not running second. And I forget who did you run second behind boy finished between Duke and Paul. And then behind Jim Benson. Okay. Okay. Wasn't here for their team came started coming. This is our our fifth. I was speculating I think the fifth year we broadcast from Vegas for the NFC and the contest continues to kind of morphine evolve and grow as well. And this year, they'll be a second ballroom downstairs they've done a big multi million dollar renovation. None of the room, but. But of the of the convention facility at the front doors could use could use a polishing the the ballrooms though downstairs they on the casino level and out toward the pool. First time the not that anybody's going in that pool unless you're a member of the polar bear club. Definitely it's freezing. Here. It's colder. I got the plane yesterday. It's colder here than it was when I left Albany New York was sixty over sixty on Tuesday when I left came here. It was like, wow. Last year was my first experience where I said, you know, what you better not leave the coat at home and bring a little bit Snowcap. They had snow apparently the other day other morning and the all the mountains are are are Snowcap. Yeah. It's crazy..

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