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Streets we already did somebody on tv last night so better be careful so somebody's gonna get hurt if this keeps happening as steve scalise if somebody can get hurt that was a bernie sanders supporter i'm not exaggerating or making anything up it's all factual the guy asked where are the republicans practicing baseball there was an eyewitness who said the guy said where the where the republicans all their over there okay let me get my gun and start shooting them let me try to kill as many republicans as i can but for the heroic actions of to law enforcement officers that would have been a bunch of republicans slaughtered on that baseball field there steve scalise laying there by second base nearly dead guy will never be the same what are you get shot for he got shot because he's a republican you should around and say well let's because people are in guy was mentally ill or is may is maxine waters mentally ill his chris hayes mentally ill are people who are advocating harassment of of people with political differences mentally ill i don't think so and they're going to be the first ones to say well we don't want violence we don't listen maxine maxine waters specifically called for harassing people in public now she's trying to walk it back saying why don't want anybody really harmed i don't want you know if if tommy lawrence laron getting water dumped on her head or or or what's her name pam beyond the in florida getting screamed and f you and chased out of i don't want people really harmed get that call for harm for anybody the president lied again as a matter of fact i believe in peaceful protests i believe that protests is that the centerpiece of our democracy i believe that the constitution guarantees us up freedom of speech and i think that protests is civil protests and so i i don't know why the president chose to stretch that out and and try to blah blah blah she's a lot she's lying and she lies because she used the word harassment isn't harassment legally a crime lance isn't there a crime against harassment can't you be prosecuted can't you be arrested for harassing another should assume maxine waters is on tape and on record as calling for and she used that word herash them member her speech we have that speech guys is that which one is that is that cut four is that what she uses the word harassment harassment is harm screaming at somebody in a restaurant is harm debating somebody in an environment that isn't on somebody's personal time that's not harassment district green writing a letter voting against a political party that's not harassment standing up somebody's apartment maggie haberman for the new york times described stephen miller there was a protest outside his apartment complex yesterday the people stand out there bullhorns and screaming at him you know how the new york times reporter described it protesters gathered outside stephen miller's elite apartment complex right away i saw joe conscious and others noticed elite apartment coupla re trying to make a point here maggie wasn't just an ordinary apartment guys an elite apartment complex because you know he's one of the elites it was just you know i'm sure words manship on the part of a wordsmith saying all right you want to call us elites we'll call you in the league the president of course now it's super elites at the rally yesterday in south carolina fourteen before the hour and the relief factor dot com studios busy edition of the mike gallagher show it's a tuesday many thanks to all the kind words i got about our border coverage yesterday lots of people liked us going to the border and kind of exploring it and finding out and talking to border patrol agents and immigration officials very interesting thing happened on the plane ride home and i promise i'm going to tell you every bit about it next here on the mike gallagher show.

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