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Very clearly with this situation new cast of characters on the US side detail officer there Scott Miller four star given the Afghan troops now a little over a year as will secretary aspirin and secretary Pompeii and they want to get this done from the trumps perspective of the trump administration's perspective from a campaign promise but I think what they've laid out in the center structure is worth trying it's definitely structures in that to that you know the seven days of of no violence and then signing a deal by the end of the month here but then the clock is going to start for another hundred and thirty five days and have to get down to this troop level of eighty six hundred I think that's the key sticking point from the Taliban's perspective if they don't think that the reduction is taking place then they can walk away from the deal anytime day and any we have to consider this is really going on longer than twenty years in Afghanistan it's a forty year war you know in the beginning you said you know kind of why we fighting there and in some ways we've been in Afghanistan to prevent another nine eleven we've been using as a way to make sure that that terrorist organizations don't reformulate well you know the bottom line is unfortunately there's been about eleven thousand civilians killed about three thousand children killed every year so in our effort to prevent another nine eleven we create another nine eleven every year in Afghanistan Tina children that are killed there what is what is being asked of the Taliban one of the promised so they are being asked to put their weapons down they want to be part of the political process the question is whether the Taliban controls all the fighters within their organization is still very tribal they're also asked not to harbor al Qaeda there also we have to continue to make make sure we've got no safe havens along the Pakistan Afghan border we're gonna put pressure on the Pakistan government there as well but the Taliban also demand to be part of the new government and it means restoring some Islamic trip traditions to what how Afghanistan.

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