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I'm Margaret career Oh in Tustin High Bloomberg's Mona Rivera pessimistic remarks from an influential market strategist. That story is coming up in five minutes. Governor, Newsome says. We're likely headed into another wave of Corona virus in California. And don't be relying on a vaccine. I'm Emily Valdas. The story's next 15 minutes to 45 now, traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the five sprung by the DEA. Here's Tom Trend. Eastbound side of the 10 San Bernardino Freeway at Vincent Avenue have gotta crash here. Four vehicles involved in this one. They're off to the right shoulder. Also a crash on the Santa Monica portion of the 10 eastbound at Arlington. Two vehicles involved in this one. They're trying to clear after the shoulder as well. Checking with Brian Douglas is taking a lot of problems over the 2 10 start westbound here. It looks like we've got a stall. Now this would be in one of your middle lanes to 10 west. Just as you pass their Madre Boulevard. You're slow already. Cassie speaks. She stopped everybody up ahead. Right past like to fill a pothole. That stall now is backing things up Now, almost actually, to Rosemead Boulevard. Look for some brake lights. Just as you pass there for traveling. Eastbound had a problem before Vernon That was a crash Everything right shoulder. Now but still tough on that eastbound side. Starting at Huntington Drive, he spouts out of the 91 had earlier crash over near the 2 41. We add another accident being reported just past Imperial Highway that East 91 slows back. Near Lakeview Avenue, and it doesn't get any better until you get past the 2 41 take back your unused or expired prescription medications at the U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration's national prescription drug take back day Saturday, October 24th. Find a collection site near you.

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