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Seven seven WB. All right. Welcome back. Ben Ferguson show. Nice to have you with us tonight wherever you are around the country. And if you hate ObamaCare as much as I do, then you are gonna absolutely love my next guest. You may have heard me talked before about liberty healthshare. Joining me now is this new CEO of liberty house. Jerry, Larry foster, Larry, I appreciate you coming on the show. Congratulations, by the way on the new gig, the new title with with liberty healthshare. Good afternoon. Thank you for having us on. I appreciate it. Well, let me start with this for people that are listening tonight. The first question I'm going to ask you is. Do you see any end in sight for ObamaCare? The disaster that it's been for people that are listening in our on forced to be on ObamaCare. We saw Blue Cross Blue shield. Humana. Aetna. Many others canceling more and more plans and getting out of more and more counties. This coming year Ardy reporting that to the state like they have to there doesn't seem to be any insight for this. My right, you I think you could say that Ben it sure doesn't seem that way. We're you know, we're watching closely to see what's transpiring in DC among the legislatures among the committees that are studying this. We also have our ears. Is wide open out in the states where certain things related individual mandates and other things are being discussed and talked about. But but as a whole we're continuing to hear and see pricing increases going up again this year and additional insurance dropping out. So it doesn't appear that anyone's really going to take a clear direction during this during this legislative year. So let's talk about liberty for a second for people that aren't familiar with liberty healthshare. I am a member of liberty healthshare. I found out about liberty through some family and friends after we lost our doctors on ObamaCare plan. I'm an.

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