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Yeah for any other guy you're looking at like a two eight two year or whatever you had it's like that's pretty good fucking year i feel pretty good about this guy when he's on the mound you look at that occur sean and it's like well that's a full run better than what we expect from clayton kershaw so even if he even if he does finish the year with an unusually high era i still think he ops out because someone's gonna throw a ton of money at the name someone's gonna throw a ton of money at the reputation i don't think it's based on one season i don't think anyone is backing up the money truck for what he does this year i think it would be more if i'm an interested team you'd be more looking at the trend that's sort of developing here it's on the disabled us for three straight years versus like what's going on this past year and that's and that's what you've got to think about free agency or just want to throw this out here for jury or jerk jeered four feeble back activated off the deal he will be back for the bruecker s right but the reality is and we're seeing it teams are just not willing to pony up for what you've done all right they don't wanna pay to come looking your trophy case anymore and that's how baseball players have been paid over the course of history is you've been paid and compensated for what i've done for what you have achieved so they're not teams are not going to be lining up i do not think to pay clayton kershaw for the cy youngs and and for the mvp and and for the they're not signing up for that i i don't think that there's some team some team is looking to make a splash i mean he's thirty years old he won't be thirty one until next march some team will see clayton kershaw and i think a lot of it also depends on how he does once he comes back if he comes back and you know like i said he stays with a sub three era it's not your prototypical kershaw season where he's sub too but if he's still.

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