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All righty guys before we jump into this carb free tasty tasty kito podcast a few housekeeping notes for portland next week next thursday friday saturday. I'm in portland baby on at the helium in portland and my favorite clubs get your tickets. Now t. fat k. dot com for portland after after they've been houston. I'm in houston at the houston. Improv september twentieth twenty-first just added though the ice house on the twelfth of september shaaban friends and ice house pasadena september twelve. That's not on the site yet but i'm sure i tell spray has on their site. <hes> so it's portland shoot portland i south pasadena houston september twentieth twenty-first than denver at the end of the month in september two thousand six hundred twenty eighth. Get your tickets now. T. fat k. dot com. <hes> episode is brought to you by the one the only on it on it dot com slash big brown. It's it's slash big brown and he goes straight that signed get ten percent off everything from fats and oils. Your snacks are fat butter. Maybe need to focus you. Get your brain right. Maybe need a new mood. I talked about just your attitude. They support <hes> everything man performance wise trimmed tac. There's fricking alphabrain creating retain join oil electrolytes to get the total kito daily. If you're kito kid you try and get rid of that hopper body. I do it planning on on on it helped me out through not only their supplement their workout gear to they just sent me my bowel ropes. They got frigging kettle beds cells. They got bags and balls maces aces. They got on-demand traded on it. Six body weight the kettle bell workout steel mace workouts. They got everything man. If on-demand it's online go to on dot com slash big brown get started today. Get to shred city with me. I got to october to get to do thirty five. Who's coming with me on it. Dot com sized big brown and last but not least the only way i'm going to get to my goal to thirty-five if i know exactly how many calories i'm burning. I'm working can out how good of sleep on getting any my heart rate. I need all that. I need whoop whoop just released the new woop strap three point zero which includes a new upgrades. The hardware luke's a suit of new software features to their app. The whoop three point. Oh strap has a five day battery life. I'm in charge mine over five days. This thing still going what is whoop whoop it is kind of loop is a performance tool to help you to track your workouts. Your recovery everything the thing..

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