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How you doing? Doing good. So. Let's go back. First of all they're in the top wildcard spot right now. So fans understand and we're on everywhere and in Raleigh. I want everybody to understand where they are. And let's go back to the penguin game. I actually am a huge penguin fan. But I bet on the canes tonight because they think they've just been playing fantastic. Tell me about how they got past them and came back and won that game. Well, it was a tight. Checking game epic is everybody expected last night. And and certainly I think the pain was Smith Steph getting Malkin had not having him in the lineup at the same time. Chris what tearing return to lineup so that help them, but it was a game that seem like a lot of pressure on the hurricanes. They felt like that was the beginning here during the middle of five game home stand. I felt like there was a game. They really needed to win the hold onto that first wildcard spot. And he was just a matter of just sticking with it. I mean, it was you're pulling the goalie you get the extra attacker. They came very close to giving up the empty net goal, but ditman then gotta rebound. Justin Williams, the capital of the team knocked in next thing, you know, games in overtime shootout. And they were two minutes away from not getting any points and wound up with two. And I'm thinking the end of the season. That's the kind of the kind of thing you need obviously to try to get the playoffs. Yeah. No doubt. I thought that stretch. Well, frankly, the one there. Are in right now is beautiful but the little five game or that they went through where they beat the Panthers twice. And then, you know, the blue stars and kings that little window there. Then they had lost at Boston. And then lost it onto the jets. Then they started winning again four or five with these back to back sabres penguins, and they had squeezed in the ads wins. Do you think that five games were? They doubled up on the Panthers is when they really started getting hot and realized that they were dangerous. Yeah. I think that certainly was a key stretch of the season. And they really began just before the calendar. Left in the pizza flyers and later they beat the flyers again. And it just seemed like the whole confidence level of a team started to rise. And a lot of it has been two goaltenders Peter and Curtis mcelhinney in you know. It said all along people will ask do you think this team to make the playoffs? And I said it pretty much is, you know, it depends on the goaltending is they can continue to get these quality starts out of these two. And you don't have one guy that they're really leaning on is two guys really picking up, you know, each other. If both of them have given them they've given them these quality starts of late including Peter Meraz in the game against the thing ones. How Jeb Alexander would is from the rally news how about this Sebastian kid from Finland. He has really turned it into a rockstar thirty goals. Forty eight dime. Seventy eight points. The guys just been killing it. He's evolved into something else hasn't he? He really has in his third season. And you know, coming into this year rod Brindamour in his first year as head coach really wasn't convinced that I was ready to play center full-time and certainly with injuries early had to play center, and is really taking hold that role. Eight is really thin as you say really developing star NHL all star this year on the winning team picked up a little extra cash. They're San Jose. And certainly has been the leader of this team. I'll sensitively and really is a very determined young man, very competitive guy, you know, in this in this neck of the woods this particular week. A lot of the interest is in the NC double A tournament. I answer Baskin about Bri NCWA brackets. And he just looked at me and said, look, I'm not really thinking about that right now. I mean, that's just the focus that he has. And I think he might be the only person in this in this community. Stop thinking about it right now. But certainly that told me something about his competitive this and his focus at this part of the season. Alexander would assume the Raleigh news observer how much is Nino neater rider Mentone because they got him for many. And he's a big boy six to two ten whatever when he's barreling down the ice. They gotta like what they've seen from him. And at that, my producer Garber, I said that really turn this team around that deal. He was a huge addition. You're exactly right. In fact, I ran into the Don general manager today. And once again, just ask him just how did you pull that deal off? Anyway, I mean, yeah, you know, what I mean, the you to get Nino straight up for victory with just a huge gift for the hurricanes. You always hear about teams, especially before the trade deadline. You know, saying things we really need to find a scoring winger we need to find a scoring winger. It's not that hard to pick one up, but they were able to pick up Nino Nita rider or any fit right in on the line with Justin Williams, and has really been a very productive line. And you're right. I think you know, looking at the whole season to be able to pick Curtis mcelhinney off waivers just before the season opener, and then the trade for Nita riders than Q huge additions to this team. And maybe the difference whether they make the playoffs or not in the end. So Justin Williams, you mentioned him earlier. Here's a guy that's been in the league eighteen years or something like that. He was there when they won their first God went to lipstick city played for the canes. Now, he's back. He's an old, man. But I don't care how he's got twenty two goals in twenty-five helpers. I mean, this guy is an absolute monster in the NHL and has been forever. Yeah. And you can't beat his experience. I mean, he's been tremendous tremendous later. I said before in remembering how the hurricanes won the Stanley Cup of two thousand six just the leadership that rod Brindamour provided as the team, captain, Ben. And certainly he remembers the contributions adjusted William made on that same as you mentioned. He went away daily wanna see more cops went to Washington now is back as he has just been a tremendous leader in the room knows when to say the right thing he knows what to keep his mouth shut. He knows when he needs a little levity in the room when things to be serious. And as you said, he's produced on the ice. It's not just talk. I mean, he goes out there and he makes big plays. And he made another big one last night. Getting that kind of Tara ends a bad.

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