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Way. There's a congressman. He would just by the way, he endorsed a Baidoa Rourke. So you have Sean Patrick Maloney, endorsing Beto. Robert, Robert Francis, Rourke house, nice and the two of them. Yeah. I wouldn't book put a gun to my head. I wouldn't pull the lever for either one of them. Bozo. O'rourke? I mean, there's Irish as you get I don't play that identity. Agree with you do sometimes. Okay. I mean, it's nice to say that you don't. But when it comes to politics as if I see an Irishman on a a team or something like that. Right. You know with a with a a beautiful Irish name, Flaherty, whatever down. Yeah. Yeah. I'll pull for the jokin Irishman in a black walk into a bar. One person's got a Di who you've taken. Well, let me turn a Jewish guy in a in a black. Okay. Right. So, but but but if you said, I don't care. It depends on the guy if you started pussyfooting around then you'd be lying, of course, belong. Look that's the way of the world when people talk about nationalism all of that's what love everybody pulls for their own kind. Right. Globalist is a bunch of crap comes to the Olympics when it comes to the US open. I mean the soccer the World Cup. Right. We all pull for our own kind. That's the way it is now which is why we put for the United States of America. Sometimes. Now Saint Patrick's Day is suddenly sometimes with the you're the one who. Who tells me that some of these democrat politicians like quad, for example, she hates this country? Of course, those people they they do they hate this. They hate the country. One is the holiday Saturday and Sunday the the officially it's Sunday parade is tomorrow. Okay. So are you? Okay. Because you really Irish like first generation, my parents come from County Monaghan the they came over on a boat in the fifties. Neither one of them had graduated high school while they came. It's a beautiful story. And they did great because you guys are great and your family's beautiful realized this guy. Some of us did. Okay. Well, I know your whole family, but you you did great. You your wife beautiful family? So so as a wheel Irish guy, and you just laid out the whole lineage. Okay. It's true. It's the wheel deal. Do you? Are you okay with non Irish people acting as if walking around town, yelling drinking beer? You know, the answer to that you want that. I've absolutely see that's different. I don't want any Israeli day parade in the you know, what I'm not showing up for you stupid Perez..

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