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Mets fans are saying. Now is the time for Tom Seaver to get his own statue at city field that push comes after the news at Tom Seaver has been diagnosed with dementia in mono longer be seen in public. WCBS? Reporter MAC Rosenberg is live with more morning MAC morning, Wayne and one sand from Long Island has started a petition he petitioned the CEO of them. That's Jeff wilpon for that statue outside city field for Tom Seaver who can be described as the heart and soul of the Mets. Put them on the map with the miracle. Mets in nineteen sixty nine. Sadly, he will not be attending any of the ceremonies a global the adding to commemorate that team this year, the voice of the bets here on WCBS Halley rose says it's a hard thing to accept but that people in the organization did know about the situation for some time. He knew what was going on then with dementia a little bit of a different ballgame as we know. And so that's just sort of exacerbates all that has plagued him for all too long and it really cuts to the core. And again this sparking a renewed call to add that statue of Seaver built outside city field. Wayne, Paul MAC, Rosenberg this morning on that story. Six zero a subway riders. In custody is accused of punching a conductor told him to stop blocking the doors stationed along one hundred twenty fifth street in Harlem late last night. Police say the conductor punched him back in that left. The suspect with a cut on the lip. The conductor had a bruise on his nose again suspects in custody, and that powers earlier the same subway station. A man was slashed in the face after accidentally bumped into a man of the platform. The victim told channel seven they got slashed across his forehead behind his ear. The suspect fled the station and police are trying to find him twenty four degrees in Manhattan, six zero five on Friday morning, route forty six in Elmwood park is once again become the scene of a fatal pedestrian crash. Seven year old woman was struck by a truck killed last night trying to cross Forty-six and the police say the driver stayed at the scene is not expected to be charged. Just last December. A man was killed trying to Cross River drive near route forty six. And two people were killed on Broadway near the seven eleven one in September and another in October. WCBS news time six oh six.

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