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Our right guys. What like you know one of the awkward things these dating apps that i haven't already explored in my previous dating apps. Ideas is that you know Sometimes it's just like a little bit too awkward. I feel like maybe it's just like a little bit too like the premise. That were like both here for the dating is just like a little bit like too much pressure. Maybe 'cause it's just like feels like a lot like to commit like you sign up you put the the profile now your dislike. You're putting yourself out here like here. You are like and it just feels like a lot. so maybe there's a way to merge other apps that we use with more ease and The dating app a culture That single people. These days are in so that is where my panara dating app. It comes so you we have partnered with panara appa To add dating feature where you can get matched with other panara customers. Panara lovers if you get the same order with someone so it's like you know it'd be like oh. You both ordered a custom tuna. You both ordered a tuna sandwich. Lake should match up together. He's like oh okay. You could have your settings that like you know you'd like to meet someone that ordered to salvage ended very interesting like ordering the exact same thing though you get like a half ball of clam chowder and then you get. You know like the the french vanilla coffee and it's all the same size. I think that actually is kind. And i think knowing. Someone's terry habits is also very important. You don't wanna start a relationship with someone. That's mcdonald's two or three times today. Yeah yeah talking about food is easy. It's on everybody data e everybody's gotta eat urine and then it's like you could easily just start talking about how both already know that we love pinera or maybe no other restaurants that i have put that we could potentially partner with apple..

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