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Nissan, proud supporter of college athletics. I Anthony Collins for Maryland Donaldson at three starter. He's the leader of this team. Indiana had a great first half. And Anthony Collins has taken this Maryland team on his back got eighteen points on seven at fifteen shooting his two of five from three. But the thing that's been so impressive in the second half is how he attacks the Rin early in a possession in beats his first man, nobody slides over. He makes the layup. If you slide over he's a very capable passer. That is a sign of a good point guard a guy that can score or pass just depending on how the defense plays. You may Anthony Cowen has had himself a day here. He's got eighteen points. Lead miss Maryland. Caddy's foul Fernando who's actually picked up his. Efforts here in the second half as well. He's got six points. And of course, the assistive Al Ben, I think Anthony cowards. So there's no daft that's a tremendous one two punch. Indiana hasn't been able to counter us for this Indiana backwards gotta respond to it's not just about Callan Indiana's gotta play like they did in the first half. Langford back on the floor Durham Morgan and fits their fry. You Justin Smith still sets with four fouls. Maryland will have the basketball with a chance to increase their lead. Ricky, Linda day Cowan. Searle Smith is in the ball game with Fernando and Wiggins. Here's the feed to Cowan goes left side with the past two long jump shot on this way. No good tipped up in the air by Pernando puts it back up. Fernando get sixteen points. Dow and the latest fifty two to forty four it becomes eight point advantage. The biggest of the game now primarily bats, faster Romeo. He feeds. Devante devante brings it back to the word now with the basketball slides it into the paint again throws up runner WALDO. But this time we've got a foul called against barrel. Oh, man. I think they called it on khow. And that would be his fourth foul. I think. My apology. That's his third. I had to in the first half and he had one here earlier in the third the second half of the ball game. But apparently, I missed communicated someplace the west, but he does have three. Devante green. We'll go to the line for two shots. Ten points in the first half adding notch stab at three one four out of four the line in this contest. One more shot cupboard Cowan will sit down for arrest. I'm sure it'll be brief as I ala comes back in the game. Grains. Second attempts also good the death twelve points for him. And Indiana polls would six fifty two to forty six now bringing it up the floors Isla. I ala with the basketball takes it to the left side bats, oh almost throw it away. But Fernando cubs pitches away to Cyril Smith. He dumps it inside Fernando gets an open. Look somebody lost a man, I think it was border Fernando gets his eighteen point of the ball game now and Indiana again down eight points. Here's Rubio Lankford takes it left wall stripped away. But devante comes up with it. Bats is back to Romeo. He fakes he penetrates turn spins lost the handle got it back in a foul on I Ella. Romeo's got feel comfortable taking the open three Maryland team is playing his drive waiting for him to put the ball on the floor. And then they're bringing a double team either a guy that's just a quick little jab at the ball. And they're going to bring a full fledged double team if he gets inside the paint Romeo's gotta be able to shoot that three point shot make defenses respected which will open up his driving lanes. Eight points all of the first happy was water one at the free throw line. He goes to the stripe here with a one and bonus situation. Seventeen thousand gets Maryland. One on its way is good Langford knocked out his my point of the night. Here comes rob Betsy. He'll check in durable. Sit down. Romeo will try again. Get Indiana back within six hit the soccer. Texas time along look. Shot on its way and a rally. Ramen drops in shooters roll their ten points. Dow for Langford yet, it's a six point game Maryland by six here's a long three on the way. And it's no good long. Rebound, however to Lindo pitches it outside Ireland. Holds out near bitcoin. Rob fantasy back in the game on a guard against Iowa. He feeds off Fernando one rebel looks for help. Throws it down the corner. It comes in the hands of Smith sorelle Smith brings it back. Right side of the Hanser Wiggins Wiggins. L I with basketball takes it to the left double team slides left. Throws it outside. Wiggins Dow forces up a three at a foul call. Taylor. Great defense from Indiana. The entire shot clock winding down one second left and Romeo's rice there status a killer. You gotta know what the time is. And you know about shop was forced. Wiggins Wiggins will go to the line looking for his first points of this contest and you'll get three. And the first one is around and drop ship. Wiggins first point of the night. He's a great free. Throw shooter ninety four percent of the season. He said fifteen of sixteen now sixteen of seventeen and his second one on this attempt is good. So he is still only one free throw. So far this young season. Six six freshmen are the Greensboro North Carolina. And Indiana's down eight and he can make it a nine point ballgame with number three. And he does not he missed it Navin, fetch who's got the rebound. Eight thirty six to go across the timeline Fitoussi with the basketball to the top bit ac- pulls up throws in the quarter to fester back outside the Romeo. Langford gets a screened rise to the baseline inside throws up. Got it. What a move by Romeo Lankford. That was impressive. Yeah. High off the glass came over to block the shot. But if you can finish highlight chop block is going to have a tough time. Great move by Romeo, Cheryl Smith, gives it outside the Wiggins he goes to I L down on the left wing and Fernando. He'd bring back out with one rebel holds onto it. Throws it out to wagons. Wiggins fakes pulls up he lets go three here. Here's a short rebound tapped away into the hands are Wiggins back outside. They throw it away. But sorelle spent about inside he pulls up. He throws out. Again. The way gets another three. Second chance points. Dow all of a sudden a factor too. That's five boys for Wiggins his first field goal tonight..

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