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Yeah. Well I don't take a NAP everyday. You should be a lot more sprite I'm pretty. Tom, you haven't seen me I skip everywhere now. You have dark circles under your. So's are cosmetic Tim I've told you I'm. Do the pandemic mom gang really into goth culture. That's cool. Yeah. All right. So you've been on the Kito Diet for two days. Yes. No naps. Hey, my nephew. Today I took a little nap backed up. Let's say my year old nephew just got off naps. Has Ever. Talk about. Kito now is that. PUT, on Kito. Yeah I, disagree with it unlike you they are doing it. So he'll lose weight and I just think that's Too Bad precedent to set for a child. Tom. We're gathered here this week to talk about. A great man. A wonderful man, a generous man kind man a cool man. The coolest man Tim you're making me blush. No No. Not You Tom V. Magician and. Endurance performer. Endurance performance I would say. David, Blaine. Yes. How old do you think David Blaine is I think he is forty seven years forty seven. Okay. But I was right? Yeah. You know what like I feel like? Like. Drew Barrymore is. Fifty. Forty five really she's like she's a little older than. I mean, that's crazy. I was thinking I did not know she's I mean it makes sense like I've seen. A recent picture of her and yeah, that checks out. But the David Blaine things surprise me just because. When I saw those Oh he's eight years older than me nine years older than you. But then I thought about well win. He became a guy that people knew though we were teenagers. So when you're a teenager and somebody's twenty six. There're an adult, they're like a regular person when I was twenty six I was not at adult I was not a regular person. Yeah. Even when you're like. Eighteen and. Twenty six year old. There's no difference between a twenty, six year old than a fifty four. Right you're both competent adults who are world-weary you know everything. Certainly. When when David blame I started doing stuff I did not think to myself. You know what? If I concentrated eight years from now I could be where he was. But I probably have been. No there's no way you have to be a maniac. If I was I'm saying if I was a maniac if I did the same training that he did. Yeah that's true. Yeah, Tom, we've done an episode on David Blaine before before we get. So. Many letters, sulman emails. Right. As letters when they're unhappy, you've already done. David. Blaine and Tom Sounds like he is dangerous food allergy. I can see the switchboard lighten up right now. Tom This week, we're going to focus on his stunts endurance. I'm pretty short. That's what we talked about last time I don't know what else are. We would've talked about this his -ality, yeah, he's Magic I. Guess Here's here's my. This is I think where you and I differ David Blaine. I'm not really I don't really care about the stunts I don't I'm not that. The stunts are boring to me I want to see him do card tricks..

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