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Okay, would it even be worth our while knowing we're selling in two years? To try to get this mortgage lowered without Backtracking and going Negative each month and set a positive. You're not going to principal carefree. Forget about the principal. Okay? You've got other debt That's more pressing than your mortgage right if we could get you from 3.875 down into the high twos, low threes. Cover your closing costs. And on that size loan, you're probably going to save at least 100. If not 150 to 200 bucks. Does that make sense? It would have. The other loans were lower than what you're going to be. What would you would be offering Because a car loan is at a 2.0? It doesn't matter. How much do you all on the Carlo? Uh, 60,000. It's a huge 2 50 trucks and strike going right down there. Hey, everybody before Hold on a boat. Maybe maybe a tree. Yeah. No, it's just a look. 3 Ft. All right. Nice. Hey, love better. Just, you know, just because just because Because I can't How much credit card debt. You got anything? 15 15 G's total 15. How much is that caution you about 1000 bucks a month 200 bucks on 2 to 300 a month to 50. All right, so if we could take our us growing your taxes No, I am not. Okay, So how much is your mortgage payment right now? Way down the home. We are on my rental property. I'm not care about the rest of us are we are growing it. Okay, Payments are 2100 month. So here's what we're gonna do. If you refinance. I'm gonna give you a scenario right if we could refinance Load up your escrow account. Cover a monthly mortgage payment Create like a $78,000 economic bubble. Right? Maybe a $10,000 bubble use that $10,000 bubble to pay down your $15,000 worth of debt. Save yourself 150 to $200, and we could cover all your closing costs. Doesn't that make sense? It would. Except that the debt is in my businesses account from putting renovations into this business building that has nothing to do with their normal account. Okay, so forget about it. It's still dead. Right? So your money It's still your money. Okay, so you could pay it off where you could take that money and just just put it back into the house at a much lower rate. It still makes sense. I'm gonna lower your payment cover all your costs, and when you sell your house in two years, you'll have more equity and it's going to get a full closing cost credit. Doesn't that sound great? It does, then then that's what we're going to do. And you know what kind of sound even better. What's that going to send you? Mr Floor Cleaning product doesn't get much better than that Sound great. Cool. Just listening to that, too. I was like, Hey, I'll have to try that product. That blind guy likes it. Yeah, I like that one second there, my friend. We're gonna take care of the 31 to 91. 3129817200 Linda in Chicago. You have got a question for Jeremy and Mr Per Maciel. How are you, Linda? I'm well, Thank you about yourself. I'm great. You got great pipes. They're like you. You you, You should do like a smooth jazz show on the week. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. I am looking up with Chicago bungalow and I have a large concrete floor on my porch, okay? And the drainage hole. On my port has been blocked for years and years and years. It has always had water puddle up. But now is just getting ridiculous and I'm older and I cannot handle it. I'd like to know if I can have that repaired or change so that the water that comes on the porch would drain out and into my front yard instead of down, Um through my basement. Roy and Jeremy. Yeah, I'm not touching this. This is way out of my skis. I'm sorry. It was Linda. It's Linda in Chicago. And that s so you're in Chicago. Uh, this is an outside on enclosed porch like a patty or something like a stoop. Is a plant port. And yes, it is outside. It's not even close. Typically in in Chicago, the drains go all the drains go down to end up with the city sewer. So apparently is been clawed its probably, you know, gone. On. We can try riding it out. But it could be claps or whatever is probably an old clay Linus collapse. So, uh, All right. All right. Before you go into further, let me at my dad and say it clearly enough. Okay, uh, The water off. The clock is on the front porch and my son put a golf ball in it when he was very, very young. Now my neighbors have fortress like this, and I see that they have double the dreams. Out and onto the front. Died in my house. That is a pipe that the water comes down into the Basement and probably Dusko out into the city. But the cost of the block it it cannot go down into my basement, actually, so it just stays in. And when enough water, father snow melt, it accumulates. Well, I think we could definitely help you with it is one of two ways we can try and camera clean that line out. See if we resurrect it, Make it work. And if it doesn't, if you have enough grade, we can reroute it to the front yard. We can do this. We do both things. So if you give us a call 804 to 1 seal Uh, 804 to 17325. We consider it a free estimate will come out and evaluate situation like you know what your options are and give you a free estimate. How's that? That sounds wonderful. I would like that very much, All right. And and the next time that Roy's on, you're gonna call back and say how great it worked out for you, Okay, I'll do that right and keep golf balls at your kid's hands. Would you please irresponsible use of golf balls 31 to 91 7200 Gonna send Linda a. Mr for cleaning product. Go to WGN. No. Go to Mr Ford, Calm type and WGN for promo code off for discount off your first purchase. 312981 70 00 Last 14 minutes of the show..

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