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Is that there's a lot more people that are on the street and there's no alternative you know we got a video of this on the talk to don show Facebook page in this one to get your thoughts what do you think about this I'm totally see this happening in Austin Texas for cancer because it happened in San Francisco it happened in California we know we know the trend there yeah they might even take it more seriously that happened in Seattle maybe maybe their knacks right I mean come on it just makes what a happy marriage there is far as everything that that our city council mayor wanted she'd get us out of our cars and keep the homes visible and like turning picket pick any major street Cesar Chavez Congress Avenue yeah yeah yeah yeah let's say the first four blocks of Congress Avenue from the river going north of the capital basically fencing that area all four people can put a tent up in the middle of the streets I can I can absolutely see this happening I can't say I really can and and I think it's probably just a it's a matter of time probably probably the final years out listen I'm not a hundred percent supportive of the idea one because you know they're still homeless but you know what it sure is cheaper and less per minute than buying a hotel absolutely it does hotels will always be homeless shelters going forward now let me say if the if they did this and to be a whole lot cheaper yeah quite if they did this on a street that there is a street out there this just not getting any use or or there says something else is detoured around the street now bye but I can see this doing them doing this in a busy street there were already using to to do you know once again make it harder for us to I think it's a win win for them yeah yeah absolutely jumping here at five one two eight three six zero five ninety I don't see I mean if the city is going to do this then why not just open up a convention hall for tents I didn't hire convention hall at the Austin convention center why not well you're not making any money off that space now no you're not you're not for a long time to seven forty one here K..

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