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Well, mild smoke tooth gre-. Nick stop lex drought. Ordway before shake their head face. Cobra? Miles old gray? And Jack O'Brien second rape hot hope I guess, power. Courtesy of the hairs of my. Chin-chin. Tans. As always by my co host Mr. miles. I'm not proud to be in American goes weird for free. And I will for get the men in wide who took that ride from me. And I'll proudly kneels down next to you end in black live to day because rain doubt I'm scared as. God save the U is. That was just more of a taste on Goblets. I'm proud to be an American, not quite a aka for me. But I like the lyrics and that is from Alison Rosen, as solid tumors and five. Yes, none of these, let's be honest. None of these work really well as says, Nick, no. You wouldn't say entire teenage mutant ninja toe. What else I go well, go by miles, Mr Gray I go by? I'm not proud. Song. Been miles. This is the first I'm seeing you in all man. Well, yeah. And yesterday, you know we were we were flying off hold. I just, you know, the listeners to hear this, but. Oh, cracking another Kirkland panther Colombian coal brew. Is that what is that? What it was. That's what you guys were. Mat Rogers, sings look at matrix. Yeah. Well, we are thrilled to be joined in areas by the whole area and talented, Eric lamb hair, gentlemen. Hello, sir back. It's great. Don't even keep track anymore. Steered. You're a mainstay and ever present say, I read like at the end of the Piel sown. It was a bump sound effect. Yes. The American top that's called foreign policy. Is how you do it diplomacy baby. We're here to help you give us your oil, Eric, we're gonna get to know you look better in a moment. First, we're going to tell our listeners a few of the things we're talking about how we're gonna talk about the fact that, John, the juice has gone with an AKA their thirtieth anniversary and they just wanna go by Giampa now. Yeah, we're gonna talk about Justin Bieber verse. Tom Cruise feel white people being bad at pretending to be black people on the internet..

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