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The first fourteen weeks the margin was very small just four votes the issue has triggered street protests for and against supporters of the bill spent all night outside congress as the debate dragged on and cheered when the results came through the bill must now go the full the senate argentina's president modise your macrey is personally against it but says he won't exercise his veto posses flip breeze npr news this is npr from k q e d news i'm brian watt oakland mayor libby shaft says new emails about a february immigration raid in the bay area could play an important role in any legal action the us justice department might take against her the emails obtained by the bay area news group show federal immigration agents apprehended more people than expected during the raid that's despite trump administration claims that shafts warning about the raid cost them more than eight hundred targets shafts says she said the email show the administration's dishonesty but she's not surprised the fact that this president this administration would invent a villain to rally their base is par for the course president trump has called for an obstruction of justice investigation of chef in san francisco the police are holding a town hall meeting tonight after officer shot a man in north beach over the weekend he acuity is angela corral reports it happened saturday morning just after midnight police say what started as a foot chase on grant avenue near vallejo street ended in a shooting officers say firearm was found at the scene the man was taken docker berg general hospital in life threatening condition several different agencies are investigating including the district attorney's office internal affairs in the department of police accountability more information about the shooting is expected to be released during this evening's meeting which is scheduled for six pm at the.

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