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Against us but hang out with us thanks to sell pencil form is not a quick update on Thursday night football involving these two calls taxes thank you for the Baltimore colts and they give it right back as a matter of fact going into says with the song Watson I had a feeling this game is going to be very tough to see a lot of scoring especially short week involving both of these teams Scott Harris is there in Houston Scott will have this on what's on that last play well I'll tell you what it puts it off and make any more right place right time guess what comes out of it and he takes on the on the return to the forty two yard line yeah Houston territory already in good position not that far away from a possible field goal attempt by the way yeah Adam military hits three field goals tonight you'll have a new record will talk about that in just a little bit but again it is the ball right now for the clothes and we do have a seven fifty five remaining here the first half three nothing Texans lead thank you very much Scott Harrison will keep an eye on the game all night long right here at ESPN radio the ESPN app and soon X. Intel eighty no one should have been surprised at miles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns involved in the brawl last week between his team the Pittsburgh Steelers and Mason without the quarterback the Steelers things got heated next in mesa would also met is off his head it's in the hands of miles Garrett Myles guy takes the helmet and swings at Mason would often made a move at him well two stills lime and we're trying to keep miles guard call notes have been surprised that miles got to spend some was upheld I still believe it would not surprise me if the last of these two more games into the NFL regular season marquees Pouncey of the Pittsburgh Steelers he got a three game suspension that got reduced to two but that wasn't even had my brothers and sisters this became the headline I have a statement mas Garrett said in a statement and I'm gonna read word for word I was assured that the hearing was space meeting the hearing that he had to appeal the suspension was space that afforded the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the incident that led to my suspension this is not meant for public dissemination no was a convenient time to justify my actions restore my image in the eyes of those I disappointed I know what I heard with my opponents comment was born out of frustration of ignorance I cannot say but his actions do not excuse my lack of restraint in the moment and I truly regret the impact of this is had on the league the Browns and devoted fans end quote the reason I made that statement was because the information came out that miles Garrett said that he heard a racial slur from Mason road off in the heat of battle and it was put out there outside of his statement about appealing his suspension both sides wait in Steelers campaign with a defensive lineman was not buying it those are I one of them.

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