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Among those taken need during the pregame anthem. Josh List News Radio 7 85 points. Wcbm news time. 6 48 traffic and weather together on the Agent Bo Durant, man just some delays here, and they're kind of what we would expect for a Friday morning at 6 48 with no evens out in our outbound problems right now, just 19 minutes late, cooking to the junction back. The Kennedy inbound is slow from the Hubbard Street Tunnel into the burn interchange. 23 minutes from O'Hare, 13 in from the junction. But the outbound Kennedy is looking good. The Eisenhower inbound slow from Mannheim to pass First Avenue. You're looking at a 33 minute affair from round 3 90 into downtown. 20 minutes in from Mannheim. Outbound Ike is looking good. The Stevenson inbound cell before Cicero to Kensi and as you approach the Dan Ryan it's 35 minutes from 3 55 The Lakeshore Drive 25 in from the Tri state. The album, Stevenson is clear. The Dan Ryan inbound stole from pursing up to pass. Roosevelt 25 minutes 95th downtown out bounds. Great on the Ryan with I 57. Delay free. The Bishop Ford is a bit slow for 103rd into the Dan Ryan murder. You're looking at 18 minutes to get from 80 94 into the Dan Ryan merge. No outbound delays on the Ford, though Lakeshore Drive North down pretty heavy from 18th up to Monroe. That's because a lot of people just avoiding taking these Stevenson ramp to the inbound Ryan because it's all jammed up there, just going over the lakeshore drive getting in a downtown through Grand Park. Not a terrible option to seeing some delays as you approach Roosevelt make your way into the park. The tristate Jane Adams, Reagan and 3 55 hallways were all good. Round 53 is clear with no I'II eastbound issues. Westbound 80 a bit slow approaching Briggs in northwest Indiana 80 90 for the toll road on I 65. All good. Next traffic report at 6 58 news Radio 7 81 of 5.9 found BBM Anke Whether it's going to be a good one today, a little warmer than yesterday, but still not on that humid around 80 of the lake round up 86 inland. We're.

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