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You're digging deeper ditch here pal. By the way I just got a text message, the diehard is a Chinese New Year movie. Found that to be as interesting is with me. Apologize. Yeah you got the gold building in the red blood it does it does kind of make sense. All right. Here we go. Let's reveal it. Then we got all of our answers here. I've never been more ridiculed in my any day history of distributor game than Colton Dunn just literally took his belt off into my ass that's how bad that. Like like I got punished for that answer. was. that. He doesn't know it but that's not even close to the dumbest answer you've ever given and. I'm not good at Trivia I'm horrible at Trivia. Eight music. That's all I find know in the world and very specific white SOx trivia. That's it. Got Him never wanted to be whalebone more. Here we go. Here, we're GONNA remember the challenge of reading my son's writing on this. By. The way that I get one answer right and season twenty-six, I don't think I did. Boy Are you keep track Garin I don't know six episode I. Don't think I got one right. Got One though I. Don't think. So might not have one because somebody else. Got It. Right Point. So you had to get something. Nope not necessarily that just means that. The only correct answers count towards the end of the. Oh. So did get something right? Well, very proud of myself. I'm going to say thank you right. Here we go. Here we go. Here's some. Before I give you the answer, I'll give you some other crazy dice facts. Dice can. Be Colors. Dice can have numbers on them. Dice can be different sizes. Some people have dice trays, and they'd have to talk to my son about what are other interesting dice facts I haven't I haven't set of dice that has a musical notes on it. Yeah I, don't know. I think this I think what Oliver wrote down. Here's more obvious trivia than it is anything else. Here's the answer and by the way we. That far off but boy he was looking for specific. Here's the answer Roy. The ankle bones of data model the ankle bones of a dead animal. Okay so they're. Specific. Answer he was looking at that is both more and less specific. than. So so it could be like any dead animal apparently. From what I if if I'm reading into this quickly specifically wail.

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