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Shoot a mom hey man showed up guys were and leaves as a skirt up for can old dead with a fucking wreath around your head you know and later a roasted pig somewhere in the vicinity dude when i was at the lou out there were like come join us eat the roasted pig and it was like the pigs face now hey dude make it bacon oh my god look at whether dooley's dickens shit dude make it bacon if i could see the animals face cut the head off dude in the video pockets will show you how looks like they're taken shift it looks like it's so hot on the ground and they keep oh fucking did you know hold winds are so good at fucking though because they care so much did they have so much passion man who has more passion than fucking warriors in hawaii ho ho who who honestly nobody has more passion than somebody who would wear fucking grass for real the love you know 'cause you know when hawaiians faulk they think about shit like the sun you know the just like we have a fireball above us walker li la i have to get going sorry i can stay the night shoot the grass skirt.

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