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A professional company especially in the tech industry likes to say every runs conservative us on my origin as i explained by the about a bit from the computer gaming area and computer gaming is a wonderful thing to earn software development on because your program a little for graphical output sound output. And so on and you immediately. You have your feedback now and at the very early days. I did this in actually the programming language basic which is horrible for for many who. I did horrible. I look at terrible but alerted this and it was fun to learn it. And that was the most important thing but then entering into a company like eriksson Starting already in the university to attend communication protocols actually don't have graphical output and nothing everything becomes indirect so first of all you need to compiled sought saying that was not there in basic chris run you immediately. Have your feedback On knowing virk No now you needed to compile and took a while especially in the eighties Machines were not so fast. And then you let it run and you need to have a lot of deepak outputs to see what's actually happening in the process. So you learn about the debate process you learn how to observe things a bit more indirectly and that was actually quite a shift for me to learn it it this way. What keeps me going at least was always understanding. What's the purpose of this piece of software. I mean it's not like just some protocols signals going from one telecommunication no to another. That's what's actually happening. But it's more like the general idea. Okay what we are enabling hours for example i was for awhile. Programming suffer in headed over procedure between on mobile networks. So you're you go through your mobile from cell radio cell to another cell and you of course don't want to drop the phone conversation so i was working on that software. I was thinking again. That's that's the benefit of it. That's the the the users will enjoy the days now interruption..

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