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Salute at a memorial service. Rabbi Lauren Holt's Blatt said Justice Ginsburg changed the course of American law. As a lawyer. She want equality for women and Men, not in one swift victory, but brick by brick case by case to grease with red and white roses stand next, said Ginsberg's flag draped casket. Lisa. Thanks, Rachel. The president does plan to announce a Supreme Court nominee tomorrow. America is listening to Fox News. News Radio K LBJ on Patrick Osborne. This news is brought to you by Van Ross and contracting dot com six Proposals aimed to cracking down on violent rioters may be considered by the Texas Legislature next year House Speaker Dennis Bond and says they're not only important for public safety, but also to ensure that the voices of the protesters are actually heard. The message of these protesters is being drowned out by those that air, inciting violence and physical harm to others. Proposals include Jail time for assaulting cops, damaging property blocking hospital entrances and those who are arrested would have their bail denied until a court date. Texas still has about $6 billion and cares Act funding that needs to be allocated before December. 30th Austin Mayor Steve Ather has an idea of how the city would spend that money. If the governor since I'm here, he says homelessness would be one area focused, helping some of our businesses that are in grave danger of getting lost how music childcare. So far, Texas has spent just over seven billion of its cares, act funding any dollars not spent by the end of the year, though, I have to be returned to the feds. Around rock school district is using its air ducks to Battle Cove in 19 maintenance Director David Hold back says Through the process of bipolar ionization H V. A C system could send charged ions into the air that attached to vo ces or volatile organic compounds. Bipolar ionization will continue to pull the O. C s out of the air and will continue to attack viral cells and bacterial cells, and the system is a significant upgrade, he says. Prior to Cove in that H V, A C system mainly focused on pollens allergens and mold spores. And Austin School District Superintendent Stephania was all day says despite rumors to the contrary, the district still plans to begin phasing kids on the campus on October 5th will begin a 25% capacity. More kids will be added every couple of weeks. If it's appropriate. Let's get a look at your news. Radio K LBJ radar Weather Watch Plenty of sun this afternoon High.

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