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Right because then inches allows people to like fill the air with stupid points that don't really yeah we are while like louis farrakhan doesn't have a president who supports his views her has even where there was a black president that's not what went out that's why it's different content current tanks baby i still think called the caller was right there i don't know why i just enjoying join were that call wet but i feel like i don't agree but i dunno do i know i don't know i you the deep he he thought it all the way out yeah he that was like that was a reasoned argument editor was it kelkar wrecked every step of i was i i disagree with that it was like a hall a home or han okay your feet of un car yet you know what caller caller your wit that's the that's the important you nailed it at the end of the day there's a winner in this year earlier we lost this episode okay well since we have let's let's come packard we'll just you know try to try to uplift the mood if it's possible all right hey y'all i'm kristen and i'm caroline and we're the host of a brand new show called unladylike where we find out what happens when women break the rules we'll be bringing you real world a women's stories along with our own nerdy deep dives in this weekly investigation of womanhood.

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