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Be spoke post theme boxes for guys that give a dam Colin cowherd. Some football reaction here in a minute. But Bill Simmons in studio. Yeah. We just finished. I just kept my headphones on how are you coward? Goal is bringing your ring people on you've got the NFL guy. Kevin clark. Kevin clark. Yeah. Great. You still haven't changed your set though, you still have the willy Wonka set where you're like three times bigger than the guess. I changed that you should. Yeah. I got tears instead of a couch and lowered my will I didn't talk shit people. You physically do we actually have to watch the show. You know, we're on the move. I listened to it. I do not watch it. Would you know? I mean is this going to get contentious here? I thought this was going to be like a fun three-way thing. And now we're talking about set design. I didn't really see fixed set. I was I wouldn't come on his show because I didn't like how he. With the desk, come on. I'm like, I'm not coming on. I don't I don't wanna look up at you. Like, you're judge. I listen to all time. I listen to it today. He's talking to enrich. Good late in Vantaa. So what else is up man, he built Gun Talk this to I'm staying for like two minutes. He's not a huge college football guy. Okay. Interesting idea guy. I like the idea guy. What guys when did you feel like the Rogers situation got to the point where it had to be a hot take one way or the other because I went on my podcast on today on this first six years. Yeah. Everybody now is like, you know, rockers difficult. I had a coach tell me in five the Packers five years ago. He's Jake collar except he comply. On this thing for six years. It's like difficult when you're border call Hugh out when your dad called if your brother and dad were calling you out Bill I'd like Bill difficult. So your team Jordan on the fire relief thing. Your team Jordan on the fire fire. I don't like it. But the drip, I point the damn break. We got like nine guys. Now have liked that Michael Finley Greg Jennings the brothers after a while. It's like I mean, we all have sources after a while. We got we got a team here is really difficult. Some of the issues in Green Bay are Aaron issue. Then is a good point when when the people leave, and they have nothing to lose. And if it's somebody who's a good guy or great would the low is keep talking great about them afterwards. Right. Even with Jordan who sends like he was the worst. He made of all time, but all those guys like respected, and they might say after it's hard to play with their almost afraid to criticize even play them anymore, and they're afraid Rogers. It is weird. How many people lob grenades after Bill by the way when I worked with any Ma I asked him off the air Comey about Brady he's like bath team-mate ever. Yeah. And that's when they froze him out on that last game at Miami. He's like best game. They've ever had. Like, really struggle ran. It can be difficult. Nobody had now sprayed. I mean, you can't find whole they're all like, oh, he's the best guy at some point. If you know, we all have sources at some point of seven people say the same thing, I believe that's the thing. My thing was Rogers is just. It's three things. One is the record about him in close games is completely misleading. Because if you go through them all there's so many times where he brought the team back went ahead or tied it and then the defense blew the game. And then that's on his resume. If you can't close close games it. That's that's a real thing. But I will agree with Colin in that. I have guys that have played with them that you know. I just would see the talented the I think he's the best throw of football. I've ever seen in my entire life. And then when guys are like really like playing with them, and it's not just one it's too. It's three dudes, and you just go. Wow. Like, maybe this is a thing. And maybe that becomes as important as how you throw the football because everybody has to look at you that way. But I don't think that teams in a very good job with him..

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