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Brad davis say the bill as we know was famous in america nineteen seventy five through whatever so we're not really no say young i don't mean i mean junior high okay the one that looks most like marjo gordon is what i'm basically saying billy hayes i'm sorry i think i heard all right so the movie can't wait to see it the if you guys want to see the trailer and you should see the movie but where can we find that your trailers like oh my god and then when you have like oliver stone going i a little bit and i feel bad i documentary and you can tell they didn't get that one person who would have made a perfect you guys get everyone you got allen park or you got oliver stone got everyone you had to talk to it was it was cool to sally track the mold was when when when this whole idea came about i said this how you can talk to anybody about anything i don't wanna see it a frame of this till it's done and then like ten years later she so persistent number peter guber sure now we got young billy hayes and young joe gordon together thought i had thank you max van so how does one get hold of oliver stone well all the guys you know were you know it it took persistence to get to all of them all of her was incredibly generous with his time and incredibly bright and wonderful to talk to he was a little bit resistant at the beginning to talking about this film because he an allen for so many years you know they've had so many films but the one they get asked about the most is this.

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