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Mind when it comes to your health? And I would sit back and listen and I am. Some extraordinary things some things that. Didn't surprise me although they were really important for me to hear like about. How devastating, the OPIOID epidemic had been to families I, heard stories about violence in communities I heard from parents who are worried about their children using aping devices and weren't sure how to address that. I heard from so many people who wondered if technology was ultimately. Helping, their social lives are leaving. Them were disconnected. But. What I realize is behind, so many of these stories were these unspoken threads of loneliness. And people wouldn't come up to me and say hi. I'm Ben I'm lonely and Vivier come lonely, but they would say things like I feel I have to carry this entire burden on my own. Where feel if I disappear tomorrow? No one would even notice. Or feel invisible. And I was hearing this from college students. From. Elderly folks healing hearing this from parents. From people in remote fishing villages in Alaska. And for members of Congress who would confide this hushed tones behind closed doors, really members of Congress I guess I could see that I. Mean Congressman aren't exactly treated like everyone else. In every interaction they have with a person is probably a complaint or an ask rarely anyone ever happy with you. You can't really vent about your problems. What kind of things did you hear from them? Yes, in fact I remember one member of Congress in particular that I. Was Meeting with in his office and just me and him at the time. There's no staff around. And he confided that he had heard me talk about loneliness and was happy that I was addressing it but acid. Some point could do something about the struggles with loneliness and emotional wellbeing among members of Congress. He said that many of them would would have to move to DC away from their families. They would be constantly under the microscope..

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