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For a check of sports from around the world here's Dan Schwartzman thanks Brian sources report that one name that arsenal's not considering as their next manager is former Napoli boss Carlo Ancelotti after being sacked by Bayern Munich in two thousand seventeen in the recent turmoil at Napoli the gunners don't we've got Ancelotti is right person for the job meanwhile Napoli's higher general go to stores and let his replacement forty one year old last manage AC Milan before being sacked at the end of last season Manchester city finishes off their champions league group stage action with a forty one win over the numbers are bred as Gabrielle Hey sis was a hat trick house for Bayern Munich knocked up time and three to one he's a demand dominates office sorry five nil Ventus gets passed by a lever to sin to nail meanwhile at local Madrid shuts out looking out of Moscow to mill around the tree beach club get three to one finally despite not winning the first Portuguese it matches up lots of finishes their stunning turnaround with a three no victory at Shakhtar Donetsk to advance the knockout round quality out those that fast read Star Belgrade one nil big loss for the northern states is defensive end markets Davenport will miss the rest of the year after undergoing season ending foot surgery two thousand and eighteen first round draft pick Essex sacks on the season the New York Mets agreed to a one year deal with former St Louis cardinals pitcher Michael Walker the twenty eight year old went six and seven last season with a four point seven six ERA but did not think of a win after July nineteen on the enforcement measure Bloomberg and the sea world sports update market headline and breaking news twenty four hours a day at Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business the Bloomberg business slash Asian soak says that for mixed up to to the session this.

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