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Fans might name is Jackie's brow? Sqi and my name is Molly Nestle, and we along with Marcus host page seven a pop culture and celebrity gossip podcast that is nestled in the arms of the last podcast network. Ever. Wanna listen to Marcus gal pal down with a couple of daddy thirsty? Women talking movies and throw throwing metaphorical barbs at the seats industry of Gwyneth Paltrow and discussing our shared love of Jason momoa was facing body despite his terrible acting skills checkout page seven it's a positive romp through the boob tube. And the funny papers that'll be sure to leave you love and guy Fieri and knowing way too much about what hulk HOGAN said during his sex tape our. Yeah, he kept burping a barbecue. While she blinked on it. Don't worry. We talked pop culture the way that most late twenties thirties forties. People talk pop culture. I may not know exactly what Bella Hadid does. But on no would. Love is now is not the time for Forrest Gump. Impressions jackie. We are in the middle of an ant. Okay. Don't taste me, bro. You are a beauty. That's vixen to get iced by the beast. Only way you're going to ice me is with a cool Tali of mango Rita. Get off at everyone knows that grape burritos the best flavor. Actually, maybe they are all the best flavors will accept strawberry. To just say. Try out a new flavor in your brain me. If you like the razzmatazz last podcast, please check out the ridiculousness that is page seven wherever you listen to your podcasts as well..

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