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He's out for Brazil. Lead will maybe. That's like when they cast their votes or something. Who would is what is reads do rise? What the hell? Oh 'cause the movie more about the dude interviewing him than Mister Rogers this that doesn't make sense. No it Kinda does I. It was so forgetful or film. I forgot that they had a interview. Okay the it was about the interview review Garenne. He was kind of like skeptical and like he didn't really like his life in us. A super cynical guy and then Mr Rogers any turnovers nice so that saves you watch. Thanks so as hasn't alternative grant. I know I mentioned mentioned an idea a while ago we didn't really get to bounce ideas back and forth. Let's just do alive. We'll do it live Brownstone Product Watch next week and I think is airing as we speak. Okay airing as he knew. Hbo Docu Series called Mick Millions. Yeah I don't think he ever mentioned this to me. I sent you in a text so I guess fifty premiers sands that You did not see it okay. So it's all about the monopoly game that McDonald's used to put on on every year and apparently there were huge amounts of fraud and scandals that were involved in the game and HBO's that's producing it. I trust them. Even after. Game of thrones even even after game of thrones so maybe like the beginning will be good but the ending might suck all right. Just give me some info about this. How many episodes you're six six episodes released in a serialized format just getting all dumped out at once? I will say I'm down. Let's do the premier and I just think We actually started this. PODCAST with. Game of thrones reviews and I think after the second episode ish we Kinda ran out of things to say we were just like yet. This shows tanking really bad sex. So I wouldn't let's do the premier and then may be a group up maybe have three episodes about it. Max Yeah we can do the premier weekend we can. We can adapt from there. I definitely wouldn't want to do it every week as the month and a episode but like maybe like a like a follow up like I wouldn't mind that's a show that makes I wouldn't mind talking about it briefly if there's something worthwhile I watch it every week during our normal reviews or you just you just lump them up so you do you do one and then navy like the whole thing totals like two or three episodes. I don't know eighty one for the premiere maybe another one and then a third one for the last three apple shares a hole or something. Okay cool I'm down with that interesting Berg executive producer. Yeah I mean I played played that game. I played the shit out of that every day. I went to McDonald's a lot as a kid. Shama is true crime. So That's interesting. You're saying you're right so they're scandal lots of scandal involved. Yeah I think they did have some releases or the first half of it was released. Released Sunday answer. Some some film festival people were giving it generally positive reviews. So I'm excited. Cool yeah that wasn't really on my radar. So yeah I'm down so we're going to mix it up next week with McClellan back to our roots I mean we yeah Docu series Cheesy TV goes on my television All right cool while we'll see you guys next week. In the meantime you can reach out to us. Send us an email please please. On his Ezekiel podcasts. Review and follow the offers. The offer still stands will read out whatever you read. I whatever email and if you include the movie in there we will watch it for the next week's lucky winner And you can follow us on twitter or Instagram at G. C._Q.. Review cool all right so you guys next week with make millions peace peace..

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