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Eighty seventh in the Dan Ryan they've done that whole area over it's beautiful and then we went out to powder horn for teen discovery teen exploring exploring this governor Allen okay Phoenix but I mean it was kind of cool because we have a lot of bass with inner city kids that you know may not have a chance to you know try climbing a wall learning archaeology did some flint knapping we did some fishing I only have one kid that didn't catch a fish with me wow well after you left no kids so I guess it's really and you all the luck man no do you have a great it was a lot of fun and now it was just it was a super event but it's what you're less than a half an hour where ever you live to nature center right absolutely you have events going on every weekend somewhere within the cook county area you will always have an event going on I along with my three of his own coordinators we have campgrounds what we do family camping and family won a one programs cooking programs overnight programs and that is also yeah because there's camping in the forest reserves there is five different locations got one down in the South Holland area oak forest willow springs pillows area bullfrog and then up north you have one in north brook and one in Palestine so I mean and that's just another and there really is so many things that I've seen over the years with the force users out you know reaching out to get more people involved in the outdoors and getting to do things and stuff like that what else we have here we actually have our annual hummingbird festival down and said go environmental learning center that's going to take place on the seventeenth from nine to to the event ventured in that area definitely you can harm your favorite song and shoot on over there and enjoy the festival why do I get this vision of Disney humming birds doing something like this I don't have any say that one and I'll let you take that lack of sleep and then blessing a kind of want to mention to throw so look out there they're doing a family fish school and school day finish school yeah absolutely you shaking your head absolutely Sunday the twenty fifth family for school up at river trail nature center in north brook it's open to everybody registration is required you come on out and learn about fish fishing and pick Steven all the other forces are fish biologist bringing on anything fish related so it's Jim Phillips from the forest preserve district fisheries gonna teach everybody how to finish with the electrodes in off the boat you know it's the best way to shoot him an electron yeah it did that way he gets all the big ones okay yeah he's I've never seen fills a fishing pole I don't think he owns one I think it just sits on the boat tells you things maybe is okay all right so then like I said there's lots of stuff going on out there the other thing too is it throughout the year I mean the forces of district you really have stepped up with site improvements I mean down the road here we've got the thing that is my doctor would say let your driver's license look at the birth date do the math before you go on to go a thing yeah sure the high ropes course again and I rolled up to the minute on the driver's license first before you do it you will be sore for a week guaranteed over it what chance is referring to near BMus woods is the go ape it's a high ropes and the plan of course this fee involved with that you can go online to find out information costs and so forth but it's a really an exciting opportunity take advantage in your local preserves also what you're referring to is the earlier was that nature play area in tree house again Ryan what yeah and there's a new visitor center and they they kind of expanded the whole region to bring kids and families so I have a new stairs along the sledding hill devoted nature play area an actual tree house pretty exciting in that in the eighty seventh in western region yeah the last and it's funny because we're talking about old last time around here the last time I was at the end Ryan woods I went to bargaining with that guy in the very back row right Martino we went out there and we put the top back in under the car to get it nice and warm rub more way excited got that thing all slick out put it on the top I can slide we put the extra weight guy in the front whoever that was and we went down that hill and we were plowing new snow all the way to the end where we've rolled over because we said we're gonna hit the street but you know now that's all gone but the sledding hill is there in a beautiful new set of stairs that nature park whatever what do you have the nature treehouse treehouse it's it's it's more of a of a playground H. you know with the will elevated a couple of feet it's it's absolutely stunningly beautiful any kid who sees this is gonna be whining for Christmas thank my me Daddy I want one of them in my backyard well about that yes it not in a million but it's not it's really a cool thing and I mean you're going to enjoy you know letting people see that so there is really little red schoolhouse with you know you get the absolute down there in doing so many different programs with all the different you know people that come through it's just a marvelous place not just for when it's nice out go there when it's cold absolutely we're trying to expand our efforts just to get everybody involved four seasons out of the year whether it's minus twenty or as it's been lately ninety ninety plus there's always something for everybody to get involved and if we can record eight somewhere will take advantage of that being mindful of course of the conservation side I regret very well in hand in Santa has I do a lot of regrading and amp now that's my my go on that and last but not least everybody can use help including our forces are people if you would like to volunteer and and do many things whether you're working at a nature centre going out pulling you know invasive species of plants and things like that there's something to do there's always something to do and to find out any information related to your interests the forest reserves has revamped their website extremely user friendly now if you haven't visited yet certainly encourage you to do so.

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