Savannah Guthrie, Nathan Phillips, Nick Sandman discussed on Mark Levin


The tone of traditional mainstream media, darling, savannah Guthrie here, notice the tone. Hey, how're you doing? You know, how's it going? This is intentional folks the tone that she takes when interviewing the adults who has led to the threatening of this mall children, right or not small children. But the children are fifteen years old. The Jones she takes toward the kids Sandman is much more along the lines of a scolding teacher who just wants the student to know how he's made know what he's done wrong. It's it's not that. I'm angry nNcholas, man. It's it's that I'm disappointed that was savannah cut threes tone. Meanwhile, with Nathan Phillips, she's like, bro. Mafele liberal activist. My native American brother who has suffered so much oppression because all native Americans do when I want the audience to know how much I care as a good live who is in good standing with the Democratic Party. I want them to know how much I care about all of this. I want them to know that you know, I'm on your side. Even though I'm not going to say it openly an outright. This guy is a problem. This guy is the one who led kids getting threats. He chose to create a weird confrontation. He was banging a drum in someone's face, which is very aggressive. And she clearly thinks that he's a good guy, and savannah Guthrie is a joke. A joke. I don't care. It's just true. My trying to be mean, she is not as g is not a serious journalists in the sense that she has any ethics or integrity. And how she approaches this. She's a partisan pretending to be a journalist wage is the worst kind. You want you want some examples of just what I'm talking about here. Play clip eighteen these are all the times that Nathan Phillips. Attacks Nick Sandman in the interview. Where there was no pushback at off from savannah Guthrie play. I was upset..

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