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I have a friend just like like christon dodie one of my best friends here is exactly like that and i have to do the same buck i have to do with the same shit always being late i'm like no i'm not calling the uber because i know you're going to be seven minutes to take to get out of the house and then i'm gonna get a lower uber rating and that's why my ratings sucks among colin lift that's why my rating sucks no like i have to yell at her i have to like i don't like going anywhere we christon because she's late and i feel the amount of anxiety that i feel like when i i'm i know that i'm even two minutes late it's an unbearable feeling i care always freakishly on time i can't stand ends like guy was since wearing college i mean in high school you have always been on time and i've always been like a extremely layperson but like i'm always like a few minutes late is this a fashionable elay and what who you know who came up with the term fashionably late love to know i actually don't know that wasn't the best thing somebody who's just always fucking late and wanted to make it cool or leg wanted to like feel better about the fact that they're always late like that whoever came up with it whoever coined the term fashionably late it was somebody who's is always it's like it's lucky for it to rate on your wedding day yeah yeah ever came up with that somebody who is like loyo it rumor falcon wedding date i need to make myself feel better about it so i'm just gonna say that it's lucky exactly i don't buy any of that shit.

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