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Biden has selected Boston Mayor Marty Walsh is his labor secretary. Walsh has served as a mayor of Boston since 2014. He's also a former union worker who has a long history with organized labor. Meanwhile, Rhode Island Governor Genera Mondo has been selected by the President elect Biden to be his Commerce secretary. Raimondo is the first female governor of Rhode Island and has served in the role since her election in 2014. Meanwhile, local union leaders are reacting to the nomination of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh for Biden's labor secretary. Here's more from WBC's match here. Teamsters Local 25 president Sean O'Brien describes the trump years as disappointing in a department of Labor that's been run. My corporate attorneys and corporate consultants that are losing side of what's important and who makes big business successful. That's the work is that are in the trenches Day in and day out. So when he heard that Marty Walsh had been nominated for labor secretary with the incoming Biden administration, Sean was excited and to be honest with you. It's like hope. He's worked closely with lost going all the way back to his days of state rep. And throughout his seven years as mayor, a conversation with him early on, and I said to him, you are no longer labor person. The CEO of a huge business, the city of Boston. But don't forget where you come from. He never has that sure, WBZ, Boston's news radio and with mayor Wall said to resign that will lead to a very big change at City Hall. 2021 was already an election year in Boston, but it looks like body. Walsh would be seeking a third term as mayor in November. Now the incumbent come November will be Kim JD, the Boston City Council president who will succeed Walsh as acting mayor. It's not known whether J. D will seek a full four year term as mayor. But two other City Council is Andrea Campbell and Michelle Woo have already announced that they're running both expected they be taking on Marty Walsh. Now they wait to see what J d does and who else might toss their hat into the ring. 2021 is shaping up as an interesting year in Boston politics. Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's NewsRadio in his mayor, Marty Walsh resigns before March 5th. The city charter requires a city toe hold a special election, in addition to them regularly scheduled September runoff and November final election, But City Councilor Ricardo Royal Royal has introduced a home roll petition. Let the acting mayor serve out the balance of Walsh's term, avoiding a special election. Royal side of the cost of what he called a redundant election in the midst of a public health crisis. Two people are in custody in Massu, in accused of assaulting a state trooper. Authorities say the trooper was attacked while responding to reports of a fight between a man and a woman in the middle of Lowell Street, the whole thing captured on video by passing motorist that couple turned on the trooper before running into some nearby woods. They were eventually captured and now are facing a couple of charges, including assaulting an officer and resisting arrest. Trooper, meanwhile, was treated at Lawrence General Hospital for shoulder injury and has since been released. It's 12 38 over now to Wall Street and business. The pandemic has been a disaster for movie theater operators box office revenue in North America was down 80% in 2020, But there's a lot of optimism about the second half of this year. You hear narratives in North America are movies coming back, and the answer is an unqualified. Yes, I Max, CEO Richard Gulf on, says theater audiences are Already improving in Asia, especially in China..

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