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Gm noted cam newton hooked up with kelvin benjamin for a twenty five yard touchdown the panthers now lead the bucks seventeen to three the jets have narrowed the falcons lead twenty two to twenty with a field goal from taylor canada's our let's go it is just absolutely pouring right now while it looks like the easily when we we were talking about the weather all maury on pentiti football now on sunday in of all countdown sport anorexia dr about where that weather was going to be an impact and to me hawk it's clear that became has been most impacted has been the jets and the falcons look at the sideline report and the southern reporter cristina pink has a cup of water and i'm assuming that's how much rain as collected during the game and it looks like you know and probably three inches worth the rain already so far too in the meadowlands in is just sapping wet there are between the jets in the falcons the jets by the way it is thursday night against the buffalo bills in a critical afc east showdown by the way the the colts nelly 2003 to seventeen following adam fiduciary field goal that was the result of a fumble by joe mix and he coughed it up and in his own territory the the colts gets a points at at at one let's get back to the bucks here for a second hawkin the bucks had big expectations the season they were hoping to take a leap they won eight nate last year team that has a young quarterback on the rise in jima swenson they have a they made it you know some some nice move this offseason some splashing moves and free agency including signing wide receiver sean jackson away from washington on a threeyear deal people were say to themselves how exactly we are supposed to cover those too wide receivers not to mention in the.

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