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This year has flown by hasn't Jim. Jim's in studio with me today. Zippy do I don't like about a third of the way through any nearly halfway through. I know I'm not happy about that. Not happy about that's toll. I feel at this year's gone going. If like like catch up so much going on. Oh my goodness. And every year we say, let's not be as crazy as we were last year and Zia each year. I'm gonna stop saying. Well, welcome to the show everyone. Let's talk about today. The royalty. And. Weddings are going to be a big part of the show's theme today and why not because got the marriage of Harry and Meghan over in England. Harry Potter, Harry Potter, okay? It doesn't matter to me. To museum to you. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me. American Nell to you hard, don't even don't even passports. Do you have I have two which is the one you have to travel with my British one which is only get back into the country with the American von? Okay. That's it the it's very complicated. My friends is very complicated. Immigration is quite complicated. It was a little bit more complicated when you come from a country that recognizes jewel citizenship and not all countries do so you can get a little bit tricky as I've. As I've experienced in the past sure interrogation proves that is no likey. I was detained. Not because I did anything wrong. But because it's it's because you did do something around you left on the wrong passports. No, no, I didn't know I didn't only just got the citizenship and had already planned to go to England. And I didn't have time to pass ball. And what happened? Why we you know, we don't even know what happened because nobody knew what happened to me because I was detained with. Let me tell you. I wasn't going to go into the story. But now Jimmy's pizza everybody's interests. They wanna know. So are they explained I got my citizenship. And then. Good England nowhere near enough time to get a passport. I've always traveled on my British Prospal. I'm officially a jewel citizen. So I'm fingerprinted every which way possible for the last twenty years so exists them in the system. Anyway, when I went to fly back, then you log in online. We have to listen to you drinking coffee. Really I didn't hear that. We had that really loud. Turn my mic. So I was a went to log in a line as you do. There's a form you fill out traveling back to the states and fit into some of the categories, and then some dropdown menus didn't give me an option. So I called their lines and said, I don't know what's going on with this because oh don't worry about it Sam Joel citizenships. Okay. Don't worry. Just come. And check in the apple. We'll take care of it. No problem override, we have this all the time. So we get there, and they can't override it. So they have to call some they have to call the American consulate who works the apple that was an American consulate of some sort. But I don't know he could have just been some like, no, no, no. He customer service agents said he was he was official America worked for the American whatever. But he didn't give you anything ever the outline L. It didn't work for the airlines. He's the only person that could override it. So he came and he said the guy just coming for. Was. I don't know because the result was a little bit like that. He said, no problem. Overridden in the system. Do I need a letter or anything? 'cause no you're good to go. I will allow you to travel today is what he told me. So didn't feel good about on the plane for eleven hours. I get to was Atlanta. Now the other system that you grew up to the machine and use you put your fingerprints in and all that good stuff. And I checked out with that the someone stood there as well. And he said do you ever married compressed Boston? Now, a member British passport Ryan Dorsey. It's just recently got my citizenship. Very recently, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah..

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