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Yeah it's hard to go backwards with those but we were talking about this yesterday i would love for vitamix to make bottom that screws off yes because it's so hard to get all that stuff out yes i experienced that today right before i came here actually when i was making peanut butter i know you make homemade peanut butter the canteen all right so so gaby is a good housekeeping and then i kinda take over ship of smith canteen and i i wanted a baker who could do more gluten free things and alternative flowers and sugars and all that and they put out a call for somebody and then i just randomly thought of cabinet and i said listen i don't know how to run a coffee shop and you don't know how to be a baker at a coffee shop so let's just not know what we're doing together let's fake it till we make it let's muddle through this hour doing and it's it's been a lot of well speaking for myself it's been a lot of fun but you've really changed things in a nice way and we've got all these incredible baked goods now i'm having i'm having the time of my life it's it's super fun and everybody's been really receptive everyone in the neighborhood and all the baristas have opinions and i love it when i'm not there i know i do too it's so funny i'm like oh i hate not being around the canteen and we should give shout out to joey our manager who's amazing pantene and then diana we've got a great the loveliest pastry assistant baking assistant baking sistan you told her not to listen to the show live so she's not listening right now and i told everybody into the show.

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