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Short lived victory schultz in the mob were now the ones in the firing line having drawn the attention of the new and bishops chief assistant attorney thomas dewey he has mustache you know he's very clean cut looking and he carries himself with certain dignity thomas dewey is almost the exact opposite of dutch schultz other than the fact that they were born in the same year they have almost nothing in common that scholtz is about you know as bad as you can get and thomas dewey is about as code as you can get he's almost a stereotypical straight arrow you know great student at school you know great marks becomes a prosecutor you know he's very straight arrow married children definitely sort of got a passion for the law passion against crime and he's very serious and he's very incorruptible that's one of the distinguishing factors that he can't be bribed he has visceral dislike of organized crime dewey wanted to publicly take down a big time gangster dutch scholtz was wild he was highly public author eric dozen hall he was seen in nightspots like the cotton club he was he was flashy in a repulsive way and it made him an easy target after the break sixty six percent of men lose their hair by age thirty five and i know some of those guys they waited a little bit too late to start doing something about that receding hairline some of them tried weird solutions or over the counter supplements none of it worked and they were a little too embarrassed to go to the doctor and get some real medical help.

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