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Visit w final contract arising those it so you're going to make me potentially take forty million dollars per year way from you before retired 65 moon let me thank he you got what you want it y'all loud enough that role goddard away this way you don't have to have instances in which people have to explain why the rules in place you don't have to worry about guys who played in the national football league like ryan clark espn nfl analysts telling you stuff that you should keep and no when it comes the rules like this that you don't like the way they decided to keep the room because i think it's the easiest to rule on i think is the easiest way to take out opinion and and and and subjectivity and say you know what this is the actual letter of the law if you see see every former referee every director of referees who tweeted about this answered this they all answered it exactly the same way and i think that's what's important to the nfl that the people who make the decisions can answer it the same way be dohrn two with whatever we think but this is the way the rule works well here's something else for you according to accord the mike lombardi who works for the nfl network he put out on twitter that patriots players are forbidden from extending at the pylon while falling across the goal line and process of a catch bill bellichik has made it clear they will be benched nobody knows the rules better or how to flaunt them well how to get around them the bill check notice you don't see that happening there pages do got in the process of the cats on a go across the goal line or guide the process of the running the ball china go across the golan dared card did last night for the oakland raiders that's why bill village it goes the rule book he knows the not changing guys you do this you stand next me in the bench made this deal should have learned the reiter said of learn and you definitely better learn rules are rules if you don't like it y'all loud and change it if you're not going to be a lot of change it deal with it and that's the end of that.

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