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Up the water of this wonderfully creative project. And so we weren't able to. Really, uh, corral the kids. We created a pdf that they could read and learn about. All the different techniques and in pursuit that Qualify as Uh, Photo portraiture So they got a little bit of a lesson about you know, like, um Uh, through history with God. So many different ways in which to Take a photo portrait. They got to study. I don't know if you know who Cindy Sherman is or any level, it's these many legal. It's his famous troubles Rolling Stone photos, So we made a little booklet for those guys toe get a sense of what photo portraiture could be, but we didn't Get to do it. To the full extent we had hoped, however, many kids did participate, and when we compiled the book, we have images of David Printing T shirts and, uh, the images some of the photo images at the photo portrait that the kids took. And, of course, every one of the images that the, um and every one of the poems that Go together now. All of this. Can be seen on the sides of Axel contemporary step then which is parked all around town. And if you go to our website and Axl are calm. It will tell you where we're parked. No. You don't mind. You don't even know. Do you? You have to look it up. Well, you know, I can tell you this. I'll tell you this. We as We commit to parking on Canyon Road on Saturdays. Somewhere near the plaza on Sundays, Okay? The rest of the time. We like to try and go to places like coffee houses or restaurants or our public spaces. We like toe, take it to areas. Santa Fe that You don't think so much. Um, you know where our doesn't pop up is frequently and perfect. So that's that's part of what Axl does. Try to bring artworks to everybody. It's a step Van reveal Red truck and it's aluminum looking. You've seen it all over town. You know exactly what we're talking. All right? Yeah. So Elizabeth The poet. Yes. Yeah, Everything feels recent. When you're far away. Where's that come from? Oh, well, that's a great question, Richard that comes from one of the students home, Leslie. Um Oh, my gosh. Like off the top of my head. Let me tell you our last thing. Actually, Esparza. Everything feels me when you're far away is the penultimate line from her poem Incense. And we chose this title for the anthology as the language not only elucidated a current state of presence during the pandemic, you know, kind of for all of us. But it is also we felt it was prescient for the marvelously following line. That enter poem doesn't old thing? No. When a new thing will come So we were so happy to find that title in her poem. We really thought it fit and I just wanted to mention that the exhibition of the selection of the student work in poetry that's up in the rail yard is so huge and dynamic We hope that lots of people will take the time to go over and look at it, But you can just see it if you drive by you see these cool images, and we also have this marvelous anthology that Axl has available for sale. And Ah, beautiful cover, and like I said it collects all the student artwork in the poems and the poems are just exquisite. I mean, we really were so impressed with the student work and so grateful for all the time they put in and all the time of the teachers. Put in, and it's unfortunate that we really only met a few of the students who came to the live opening, and I never worked this way before in the last year, Probably lots of people haven't on Lee over. Zoom. I'm I'm used to teaching workshops, you know in person, and it's just not nearly the same. So But I love it. You know, I've been reading it and looking at it. It's like Wow. Who? Where'd this come from? You know, it's it's time, but it's space. I mean, it's very, very evocative it so it's a great line to use. On a cover of a book. Um, we say kids very generically here. What are the ages? The students. They were nine through 12 graders. I don't think we had any nice break. Do we have any nice? Greater scary? I think they were to 10 10 to 12. Big kids, Big kids. Yeah, Yeah, they are. All right, students. We don't We shouldn't take kids, students. All right, big big students. 10th, 11th and 12th graders. Jerry, where? Where can I get the book? Where can we get the book? Well, you can go online to Axl. Contemporary Axel are calm and you can order it that way. All right. I'm trying to pick up the book at collected works. All right? Yeah. Collected works has some copies for sale. Okay, uh, closer to obvious places right away. Yeah. Well, keep them stop. If they run out, we'll bring some more over, you know, have collected works is open for shopping these days. Are they open? I'm their only online ordering and cursed by our times. That's what I thought they changed in the last couple of days. Okay, tonight. Everything's opening up, Richard. It's kind of amazing. Willett's fabulous. All right, Jerry, you're gonna say some. I interrupted. Oh, gosh. At this point. Oh, I know. Um Right now. Axel is parked at New Mexico School for the arts. Go for the big Fiesta for the kids, so it's kind of a centerpieces. Part of the celebration for the end of the year. And so all the kids are gonna get the opportunity to see their work on the step Fan. Cause it's at the critic Jerry I didn't know that. Oh, gosh, I wonder if we could get some pictures with the kids. We'll try to do that. Yeah, I'll try student. You're right. I'll try to do that. I just want I just felt this was a terrific thing. And it's more of a private thing. So I didn't make it. You know, everybody has their big springs. Yes, but tomorrow will be on Canyon Road. And I said Tomorrow being Saturday will be on Canton Canyon Road towards the bottom. The middle. Hand in the Mid Canyon road, Okay? Yeah. All right. Awesome on. That's what if you don't know.

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