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The people that you didn't 'cause you got people dating. You dating people, right? So if you got him in the bag, go ahead and get out here and get all your hinges and all your bumbles and all your coffee meets bagels, baby girl. And go with some dates with some other people. And so you're not putting so much pressure on that. Because when you get desperate, we call it the decimal meter of scam guys. When you get desperate you start making decisions that you wouldn't make if you're just for me there wasn't so high. So start dating some other people so that you can get distracted and have a moment because listen, no man is ever wanted me more than when I was busy and I wasn't checking for that bitch. You know what I mean? But when I was pressed and I was talking to him, he ain't nowhere to be found, but you start just disappear on him. I want you so bad. And yes, it's antiquated, but people are the same. It's not like we've changed that much, you know? People want what they don't have. Yeah. Yeah. And I'm not saying I play games with him. I'm just saying, go out and have fun and live your life and don't put all your eggs in one basket because you're selling yourself short. For all you know, this could just be the first decent guy that you've met out of all the raggedy ass bitches that you've dated. And it could be something out there even better for you. So let's don't sell yourself short. Keep going on dates, you know? Everyone better be on their feet watching us right now and applying because that was absolutely incredible. I'm shocked to my core. Using that for an audition. That was one of the big problems. I'm using that for an audition. I mean, really, that's been 5 strong four. Come on. I know. I was like, wow, I'm like learning about gambling. You can get 6 a lot of different ways. So was he ultimately what you were saying is to meet a guy in a casino? To do worse? How to play craps when I was 16? I loved every second of it. I felt like I learned and I felt like I agreed with everything you said. I loved it. Let's end this with a bang. Could you please play? Number 5. Temperature of adding. And I have been given a question on cameo a query, if you will. I think I'm either actually Naomi and Andy on couples therapy or I'm just or I'm giving you my opinion. Either way, here it is. Okay, it's a conundrum. I'm not gonna lie to you. And it was sent to us by anonymous. Drama. So what is happening is that the across the street neighbors have just dumped a mountain load their words, a mountain load of leaves on their next door neighbor's locked. And then they're empty wooded lot. Now that neighbor is now cleaning those leaves. And they're worried that the good neighbor that's being that was dumped on is going to take their the dumper. What would we do? And my question to you is this how crazy do you want to get? Like how do you feel about jail time? Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you want to get nuts? Because if we're getting nuts, you know, that's what I would do at the very least is collect all the leaves from everyone in the neighborhood and dump it on the bad neighbors lawn. Because everybody wake up and to a sea of leaves. Good morning. Do you know what I mean? Because that is passive aggressive and lovely. Or I mean, you could, you know, set their lawn on fire that night that might come with jail time. So you make your choices. At the very, very least I would tattle. Now listen to me. I don't condone snitching unless it's about my reputation. If my neighbor is gonna think I'm the jerk a motel, I'm gonna tell I'm either gonna walk over with like a pie, pie is not necessary, but it's nice. You know, you're greasing the wheels. And be like, hey, hi. Oh, I saw the leaves. Why don't I wonder if the neighbor besides you thought that you wanted to do? You know what I mean? Like, give it a little like, oh, is this? I'm dumb, but it wasn't me. Like, let them be, 'cause I don't wanna be thinking I don't want you to be known as the bad neighbor. And if the neighbor the next door, the dumper, if they're mad about it, then you don't believe. This is God, this is why I don't know. This is what I don't. And many other reasons. But I hope this is helpful and also ask me anything. I am a font of bad advice. Goodbye. Deborah D Giovanni, ladies and gentlemen, coming through. Now, so I posed this to our panel. Do you agree or disagree? Do you snitch so that your reputation is upheld or vengeance? There's your two options. No. Well, okay, the initially referred to the neighbor as the bad neighbor. So it's not even like they had a rapport right. It's not right to me. It's like, that's the bad neighbor. That's the neighbor everybody knows this thinking who neighbor. House look like shit, grass long, no one likes a paper. So I am me that now did they say that the good neighbors started cleaning or that they started cleaning? No, the good neighbors started cleaning and they're worried the good neighbor things that they are the ones who made the mess. So over Saturday morning and get your shit talking neighborly vibes on. Be like, that is so crazy that the neighbors would dump that. That is so awful. How are you doing? Blah blah blah, blah, blah. However you talk shit with your neighbors. That's what I do. Now here's the thing though. The good neighbor is going to think that you're just deflecting. That's what I thought. Because that's what I would think. If I walked over to someone and be like, wow, get a load of those creeps over there, dumping all that shit in that absolutely. I would think it was you. That's why you have to dump leaves on your own lawn. And then go over there and say, yes, they got to me. Get to me. And then you're eliminated from any possibility. And you can tell them. Also are we in Australia where it's fall? Where are their leaves? Great. Question. Yeah, this is like chill air. Guys, climate change has destroyed. Everywhere now. Right there in Florida. Yeah, exactly. Oh, it means that your neighbors are brought pieces of me off. I haven't tried that. Okay, codeine accents. I got like I got lazy disk and Bobby and that was going. And now I want to say, he's going to politicize something and be at it. Nickel for your trouble. Yeah. My name's throwing them leaves around. Governor. Oh shit. That's where you go in and do. You say that. Just like that. We have like a shit talking at next door or they have HOA or something like that. That might be a cute moment to be like, what was this or whatever? But also I'm not opposed to IO's recommendation of like maybe you just like, oh, I made extra Cheddar bay biscuits. I just wanted to see if you wanna and also like damn those leaves crazy right. You only sound like a liar though. It is like hard. It's hard. You know, if I would think that the person who comes and I don't think that that's a lot of work to be like, I'm a do this. I was the person in that situation. I would just be like literally who did this. Everyone is a suspect. And so whoever is like, I know who did it. But I didn't know what to do. And I just did not like seeing it. I just wanted you to know. And honestly, it's annoying, so don't actually follow up, but say it in a way that you're thinking about it. You need any help, cleaning up. Yeah, yeah. What about stick a sign on their lawn? You know, like there's no signs that are like, we believe in science, all that stuff. But it just says bad neighbor. And you put it on the bad neighbors lawn. That's good. That will only make a bad neighbor get better, you know? This is well. I would say something just because you live on a neighborhood where obviously you guys are like, hey in this much, you guys know each other and you know who the bad neighbor is. The last thing you want is your neighbor's not to fuck with you, okay? ADT is cute. And it's that girl, but if you don't have her, all you have is neighbors. So you don't want people to be in a ski mask carrying out your fucking Panasonic and you're making Christmas shit because they don't fuck with you. You know? Right, right. Pipe up and be watching..

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