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Welcome back to the catch. Hell Advan how you did. I might how are we very good? Thank you how is q? And I I enjoy Detroit very good Gregson great great questions to kind of like to get into the rise. Some good ones. You want before push record. You obviously excited to The you'll I feel. W Tame your girls are up in about two and is that bad couple of years but you know we. We beat at first. We did Travis cotton for the first time on Sunday album so good on the goals and fremantle still on top in. So I'll be accompanied as well and we're used to being on So Alf famous as always been very very good team and beat the West Coast West Coast road on onto the ice skating better and better. It's just a good competition kind of like to say grow exactly so all I am going to do. My mindset themes I've in and I'm going to do. I'm where I think the first line you're GONNA go. Gosh we've heard this before but you're ready for you. Do you know have been that. You are richer. The ninety three percent of the people in Australia. Org lively glad you ask good qualifying questions route but not in money but in time Ben. Oh because someone says that in the obviously that the wealth distribution in the world is heavily stuck towards us in the West. And that's not in money but in one hundred and eight billion people ban have lived throughout history. Ninety three percent of them are deceased. So what you have So you have. What every king every quaint every fair every ruler see as well and celebrity of the past would give all their willful Ben Tonight today for second but now you bought it back to that land and that was of course I cannot get enough of this stuff in James Cleo that was he says they three thoughts and that was when i read that I thought I I've seen the distribution of wealth discussed before but I must have been all I have been focusing a lot on what is the. What is good about what we've got today rather than what will happen last last week where we got coming up so they flex hopefully that land for you That you have to I and lots and lots of folks do not have that. So you're fortunate people queue and I can I what are we. We have got to heap of questions that have been sending and we have our team if put on disc bend so that we Largely unprepared which is a part of us have read them. This tom which is good. I did have a quick raiders. Them to before the first ones from Jackass on Brisbane versus Melbourne differing opinions. So let's have a little listen to Jack's question now all they goes up by just tuning your approach Absolutely loving GONNA be a couple of books to die saying they got a Lotta got abused. Yeah I'm really saw raid FELA's up looking assigning appropriate investment journey about this time next year December twenty twenty now obeying opponent couple of property investors. One goal is. He's currently missing up in Brisbane. This other guy that I follow as well a size truly likely in Victoria. Mainly Melvyn Hayes. Six Vitamins. With the growth corridors. I have they don't really growth corridors Paknum winning vile tahnee point at look in there on the average as much as what I thought. I would know spices but I. Don Afford to invest in Melvin itself and the difference in the one saying I signing people up in Brisbane getting the introduction into the property market up in Brisbane Fall on a Kayak and the other guy. I'm Metro area He suggested would start at say. Something like Bendigo Bell Right. He doesn't believe Joe Lonzo could Yeah unpleasantly I've got back because iron lane but I'm also afraid that moral judgments bank Or dropping cars layers of a wisely Wise lobbed because if you give me your opinion that would be saying Jesse quelled on again on the podcast. I'm absolutely loving it and I'll watch seven emphasize that was from Jack. Ben I'm before we go ahead and just want to say I've been late last year. You started that we would approach a publisher and we would buy some books and give them to Fox without prepared by shipping. And that actually haven't really well Christmas quarter people with the hands upside just saying that we are going to every now and then gone possible book spin. Put them up so if people want to I walked they lost to the God dot Com. That I can get a physical copy of Apple. Could be prepared to pay for shipping. We'll send it out to Ben. If you are still bootstrapping your research and your knowledge you can go to make money simple again. Been Dot com and you can get a free copy of the digital book so that you can take it outside. That was just because Jesse Jackson. He was going to read the books. There's a way to get it for free. Then what do you think about that? So there's a fair bit going on here and what and it comes back to. Also what Jack's gullies we all know that capital garage these king when it comes to investing in property you are getting an asset. The high the asset grows ultimately the more. You'll be out to charge for that asset as well but like everyone circumstances. We can't go out and buy the SKASE's land in Australia which has gone to appreciate it. The Best Value. So we have to have tried offs. They're awesome tradeoffs as part of that coal. Now Oviously what Jack's doing is listening to different marketplaces and different opinions around. What's out there? And there are huge amounts of opinions as to. What's going to be a better story? My view is always being. I'm not on bipartisan. In the sense that I don't care which city which site that property is in and as I can see it out my options I do bring into things like land. Tech'S IF I've already I ever exposed and undiversified in different different locations so for me when someone says Bendigo Ballarat. I'm like really good yields Bendigo. You would probably argue still struggles with access to Melbourne as just that row. Too Far But that's not the site that I've ever time it's not going to do a rot dollar an hour and six minutes by trying so you know and reasonable yields but just remember. They're not going to grow as quick as the biggest cities and when we talk about growth tornadoes we always talk about the fact that there is risk you know supplying those corridors. Melbourne is not landlocked. It does not have that challenge that we see in other cities but when you look at Melbourne as as Brian Santa and the Santa Fall Irene comes and and job opportunities and liveability. It's off the chats. So you're going to get those high paying jobs and when you get those high paying jobs. Uganda have long term demand. And I'm on record assign are definitely. Won't people wind one property in Melbourne Because we do know that. Melbourne is going to be Australia's largest city if it keeps going to trained because of the affordability Dan here and everything that's happening in in regards to job opportunities now I say that this Bruce Vegas now with Brasilia gacy's effectively. We are talking about the merging of the goal cousin. The Sunshine Coast into one potential mega area over the next forty fifty years so a still potentially say opportunity in that market as well. So it's about trying to get the location that has the based demand and supply not only for the short term but also has longer scarcity of land where you can get that base bang for buck. What of it. I think the the importance of not being sort of wandering without a Rutta nine when you hit it because you talked about at the beginning but always fall on that if you if you like the the goal the sense of which direction you're heading you can actually easily blown off course by the next expert what they've got because you know we've been doing this for a long time. I mean there's there's there's assets that we bought for clients that have got seven plus percent Capital GROWTH PRESIDENT AND WE BOUGHT ASSETS. That have got Well Haw and we've got assets must be sitting around five or six depending on what it is that the client actually night. So are these really important for the listeners. Tonight on the grand. These are real decisions that are buying team. You have to have to balance that between. Why would I go to a certain location based on what What THE BRIEFCASE. Ausman from the client is very clear on nine. Where the hitting all? I've got this much to spend on this much growth on this much yield to fulfil my own unique individual plan that the the the road that on walking not actually comparing myself to an analysis and I think you know account impress upon Jack. Who's a batsman back on this journey enough that you actually just need to know where you're going because people who are getting guys Imbaba q? Conversations around mall ones better than yours? Forget the fact that it doesn't really doesn't really take into account which destination you're actually going towards so if you have a it's true if someone has a budget of five hundred thousand well like hot getting close in Illinois but there are pockets of Brisbane getting closer pocket of adolescent the getting close. So that's number one that's really really important but to understand with the absence of a clear goal you guide to be susceptible to these barbecue chats about Martin's better than you'll be clear on that. Secondly the point about growth corridors is they are actually growth corridors but be very clear on what the growth is people moving there and supply. It's not actually saying it's a capital Growth Corridor. Although sometimes it's miss heard all yes. Misuse misappropriated by their own. People saying it's a capital growth. Carl what it's saying is the population is growing. We need to put people into housing. Stock Community put people into accommodation and the growth these actually out towards these regions that are up in the north. Finish the down in the south which does not so be very very clear that in Melbourne. You have this almost infinite Sprawl that's available to so funded interesting that One of these people talk. Jill Longman you as you know. I live down the siege along very very regularly and what I am. Seeing is subdivision subdivision after subdivision guy. Dan They so that is also I? Growth Corridor doesn't necessarily mean a capital growth cover. Oh but there's lots and lots of people who are moving to these places that are horrible but what I would say about Joan is. It's very built up. Its go by in Scott a big hallway. The back it's very established suburbs that have been around for wall so in certain parts of Jerome. I would suggest that because of all those subdivisions that'd be making that space and space and more desirable. So therefore if you bought the properties in those locations so Jack be very very clear about a couple of things. What you goal is where you hit. Because at the capital growth that you'll be acceptable. Be Very clear. On the definition of Autograph Card aures its Population Growth Cardona necessarily category Koro and also thirdly when it comes to hearing what someone says that particular reason Jr along for example or if they might have an opinion on the Gulf coast of they might have an opinion on satellite or whatever. Just just ask a little bit. More bet will auto. Now anyone who's ever bought driven on somebody's boathouse industry in a suburb of Geelong. But I don't know anyone who's ever fortune along so it'd be very specific about what what a- voss mentoring you're taking as to. What does that actually mean? I love it. So plannings critical In terms of our way safer for those people just beginning just understand. You WanNa get in the guy okay. So Jack's Mida pledged strong getting to the game by twenty twenty in December so to getting the cash flow is important Stein. The guy in cash allies and pull what's important about that the surplus in that cashflow and any change in your cash flow in the income coming in because that that's going to determine what you can buy the blamed of assets whether it be high-yielding and you're gonNA forego a little bit of growth where you're going to try and get the magic of two. We find those best locations which got some high yield but some growth paintshop demand the short term and then long term guard. Because why don't you get in and you get equity out of that property you can then. Rinse repeat into the next property and beyond so great question for Q. And I for twenty twenty or the next one is nick. From Switzerland. Switzerland Switzerland High Switzerland Switzerland. Why Bryson Bandmann? I'm is neekam calling all the way from Switzerland originally from the northern beaches in Sydney my wife and I buy from the northern beaches but we have been working here in Europe for the Pasta us. And we're looking to buy. I property back in Australia. Been keeping an eye on and looking all over the country so not necessarily in Sydney. We have a general question about what type of strategy we should be looking for being non residents for tax purposes but Australian nationals taking into account. We can't take advantage of first time. Owners grants or negative gearing as we have no income back in Australia..

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